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DNA Production Facility

Complete DNA Production Facility Analysis

See below the chart for interesting summary of info

Clarification of information:

  • Progress Counter Activations - Number of times you need to activate the DNA production facility before the next time it levels up.
  • Total Time At This Level - The total amount of time the DNA facility will be producing DNA at its current level. Math= 12 hours per 1 activation (see note)
  • Total DNA Produced At This Level - Total DNA produced over the entire duration that the facility is at its current level

*NOTE: The total production time assumes that the facility is collected from & reactivated EXACTLY every 12 hours with absolutely NO downtime between collections/activations. Meaning the DNA Production Facility would need to be reactivated twice per day at EXACT 12 hour intervals. 

Level DNA Production/12hr Progress Counter Activations Total Time At This Level(see note above) Total DNA Produced At This Level



362.5 days**

349,200** Dna icon

1 100 Dna icon 2 24 hours 200
2 120 Dna icon 5 2.5 days 600
3 150 Dna icon 10 5 days 1,500
4 200 Dna icon 22 11 days 4,400
5 250 Dna icon 35 17.5 days 8,750
6 300 Dna icon 51 25.5 days 15,300
7 350 Dna icon 70 35 days 24,500
8 400 Dna icon 92 46 days 36,800
9 450 Dna icon 117 58.5 days 52,650
10 500 Dna icon 145 72.5 days 72,500
11 750 Dna icon 176 88 days 132,000
12 1000 Dna icon --- Infinite Infinite

**The devil is in the details...

For the DNA Production Facility to reach its maximum rate of production (2000Dna icon/day)...

  • It will first need to be activated 725 times

  • 725 activations with a duration of 12 hours each = 362.5 days (1 year = 365 days)

  • Realistically there will be downtime between each activation. If we figure in just 3 hours of downtime between each activation, it would add up to an additional 3 months

  • In the above 1 year time frame, the DNA production facility will net a total of 349,200 Dna icon which, overall, averages out to 956 Dna icon per day. In reality the daily average is actually closer to 560 for thr first 4 months, then averages about 1200 for the last couple months.

  • Only after this year has passed will you actually be able to start collecting DNA at a rate of 2000 dna/day (in a perfect world)

  • Total out of pocket cost for 1 year of VIP membership (newest pricing plan) = $120 USD

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Comments (4)

  • 1. Dylan | 04/04/2017
I am a VIP and just have read all of this and I really think I need to get off it now. Between staying awake to activate the DNA and getting no good dinosaurs in the VIP packs is a joke and it's not worth it
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 04/05/2017
I agree, it's a joke. The VIP program was structured much better and was much more worthwhile before the introduction of loyalty points that everybody can earn/spend, in my opinion. It completely lost its "VIP feel" when they allowed non VIPs access to over half of the VIP creatures and made all the remaining ones (except 1 at a time) completely inaccessible to paying members.... at DOUBLE the cost. Not worth it
Jacky Bowen
  • 2. Jacky Bowen | 02/19/2017
I heard that the DNA facility level will be lowered back if the VIP subscription is not continued, is that true? I just want to make sure is it worthy.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 02/25/2017
Hey Jacky, sorry for the delayed response. The DNA facility will NOT continue to produce DNA if you let your vip membership expire. If it does expire, you have 30 days to renew it and the facility will remain at the same level. If you renew your membership after that 30 day period has expired, the facility will reset to level 1. Hope that helps

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