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The Jurassic World Stats chart filtering tool is a unique tool that is easy to use once you understand how it works. Admittedly, it's more complex than filtering you may find on similar sites, but this is because it allows for a greater amount of customization.

Below you'll find a usage guide to help you better understand everything from basic filter functions all the way up to advanced complex chart filtering...

Basic Filter Operation

  • Clicking on a row highlights the entire row

Row click 1

  • Use the blue buttons to highlight entire groups of creatures

Blue button

  • Use the 'Keep Highlighted' button to remove all creatures except those that you have highlighted


  • Use the 'Hide Highlighted' button to remove all highlighted creatures from chart, all other creatures will remain visable


  • Use the 'Show All Rows' button to unhide all rows and reset all row filtering


View A Single Creature

  • Step 1 - Find the creature in the chart and click on that row to highlight it

Row click 1

  • Step 2 - Click on the green button that says "Keep Highlighted"


  • Result - All creatures except the one you highlighted will be removed

Example 1 4

Comparing 2 Or More Creatures Side By Side

  • Step 1 - Find the 1st creature in the chart and click on its row to highlight it

Row click 2

  • Step 2 - Repeat step 1 for any additional creatures you want to compare. There is no limit to how many creatures you can highlight

Row click 1

  • Step 3 - Click on the green button that says "Keep Highlighted"


  • Result - Only the creatures you highlighted will remain visable, allowing you to compare them side by side

Example 1 2

Filtering By Creature Class

  • Step 1 - Use the blue buttons to highlight an entire class of creatures. Because not all classes are visible on your screen, the buttons color will change to yellow as an indication that the creature class has been highlighted.

Example 2 1

  • If desired, you can select more than one class

Example gif 1

  • Step 2 - Click the green "Keep Highlighted" to keep only the selected classes of creatures and remove all other creatures

Example 2 6

- OR - Click the green "Hide Highlighted" button to remove only the selected classes of creatures and everything else will remain visable

Example 2 7

Filtering By Rarity Or Unlock Method

  • Filtering by rarity or unlock method is identical to filtering by creature class. Clicking the blue buttons will highlight the associated rows in the chart

Example 5 2 Example 5 1

  • Then either hide the highlighted creatures or keep only the highlighted creatures and hide everything else by using the green buttons

Example4 1

Combining Filters (Animated Example)

In this example, we'll filter the chart so that we see only super rare hybrid herbivores

  • First, we filter the chart so that only herbivores are shown

Example gif 2 1

  • Next, we filter the chart again to show only hybrids

Example gif 2 2

  • Lastly, we filter the chart by super rare

Example gif 2 3

Advanced Multi-filtering (Animated Example)

The following is a complex example that will demonstrate how the row filtering tool can be used to fully customize the chart to display only what you want to see. Each step includes an animation plus there is a full animation of all steps taken at the bottom...

The Scenario - The player in this example wants to compare stats between carnivore & pterosaur hybrids, both legendary & super rare. Then he/she further customizes the chart to remove assets he/she already has.

  • Step 1 - Filter out unwanted creature classes by highlighting and keeping carnivores and pterosaurs


  • Step 2 - Highlight and keep all hybrids


  • Step 3 - Remove rare and common creatures


  • Step 4 - Remove assets already owned by manually selecting then hiding them


RESULT - The player can now view only the super rare & legendary Pterosaurs & Carnivores that he/she wanted to compair. After filtering the chart, these creatures can now all be seen side by side.



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