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VIP Program makeover

The VIP program has just recieved a much needed makeover. Several changes have been made, all of which benefit the player....



Vip priceTo start things off, Ludia has again reduced the cost of VIP dinos. With a VIP program membership, VIP creatures now cost 10,000 VIP points. This is the second reduction Ludia has made in the price. Originally costing 30,000 points, the first reduction cut that price in half. With this second reduction, VIP creatures now cost 1/3 of their original price. 

Vip purchase


That's just 1 of the changes Ludia has made to the program. The next improvement that has been made was very much needed. VIP dinos now unlock in the market after purchase! They will still cost 10,000 VIP points each and they can not be purchased with DNA. But with this improvement, once you have accumulated enough points, you can now level up VIP creatures without having to wait for them to be re-released. To make the purchase, just find the creature in the marketplace (filter the market by creature class to get the one you want to show up) and click where it says "search". This will allow you to buy that creature.

Vip 2


It doesn't stop there either. Ludia has also added a "Solid Gold" cark park to the VIP market. This pack will cost you half of the above metioned 10,000 VIP creature purchase price, giving you a random VIP creature for the price of 5,000 VIP points. Considering the original 30,000 VIP point purchase price of VIP creatures, this solid gold pack truly is solid gold. That is if you're willing to recieve a random VIP creature. 


So, with these most recent (and much needed) improvements to the VIP program, a VIP membership purchase is more worthwhile than it has ever been. It seems Ludia is listening to the players many complaints about the VIP program. Combine these improvements with the random legendary creature you get with the purchase of a VIP membership, for the very first time since it was introduced, I can honestly say a VIP membership is actually worth getting. Kudos to Ludia for that.


In addition to the changes above, I have just noticed that decorations bonus' have doubled on the VIP decorations. They now range from a 10% - 16% bonus, whereas they ranged from a 5% - 8% bonus before. The rate of coin production on VIP buildings has also been doubled. The battle stats for VIP creatures remain unchanged.

membership VIP Ludia market marketplace vip points

Comments (6)

  • 1. Monica | 09/26/2016
As if these changes weren't enough, Ludia made the VIP program even more worth your money today. One, they reduced the price. I don't know by how much, since it'll be a while before I renew, but a price reduction can't be a bad thing (in my opinion). Second, Ludia changed it so that instead of getting a regular legendary pack when you sign up or renew, you get a solid gold pack (and a random VIP creature). In my opinion, these changes make getting VIP even more worth it. Though that's just my opinion.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/27/2016
The new price is $30 USD. Just fyi ;-)
  • 2. Monica | 09/20/2016
Thank you so much for your tips regarding the legendary hybrids! Out of curiosity, I put the max attack stats of the land VIP creatures into the damage calculator, to see how many hits it would take some of them to k.o. the strongest legendary hybrids at level 40 (ie., indominus rex, priotrodon, and ostaposaurus). As it turns out, a maxed prestosuchus can take out a level 40 priotrodon in 2 hits, and a level 40 pterodactylus can take out a max level ostaposaurus in 2 hits (where it would take a maxed suchoripterus 3 hits to do the same thing).

After seeing that on the damage calculator, it seems to me that is you have the right team, even maxed out legendary hybrids can be taken down easily. And that the VIP creatures are even better than legendary hybrids in a lot of ways (particularly in terms of cool down times and cost). Legendary hybrids serve their purpose, of course. But I'd go with VIP creatures before thinking about whether or not to max them out. Because overall, the VIP creatures seem like a much better deal.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/21/2016
No problem Monica. I'm actually working on a new page for the site that's going to focus on comparing each dinos value, cost, cooldown etc. It's still a work in progress and it will be at least several more days untill it's done, but keep an eye out for it. It'll better compare legendary hybrids vs vips etc...
  • 3. Monica | 09/20/2016
I've been waiting for Ludia to make changes like this to the VIP program, and having purchased a membership recently, I can honestly say that the changes you listed make a VIP membership well worth buying. It's also easier to gain the VIP points needed to make purchases, especially since Ludia increased the amount of VIP points you get from each card pack. Looking at these changes, it now seems much easier to obtain the amount of VIP creatures needed to fully level them. It'll still take time, of course, but overall, it now seems much easier for the average player to do this.

I also found a way to obtain more VIP points without hacking the game or buying premium card packs. This is by farming the draft battles, and it works best when you have an event like the amphibian draft or the pterosaur draft that were available a few weeks ago. Basically, you win enough battles to reach the "second place" prize. Then, once you have enough wins to get it, quit or intentionally lose the following match until you gain the 5 pack reward. It will often get you a small profit on bucks, in addition to letting you farm VIP points and DNA. This also has the benefit of letting you obtain lots of creatures without buying them in the market with DNA. This will be especially helpful for some of the later missions where you have to have multiple creatures of the same species above level 31.

Lastly, I also had another question about hybrids. Particularly, leveling the legendary hybrids. Having all of them at max level would definitely be awesome, though doing that would mean the difficulty of the opponents in special events will greatly increase. And when their long cool-down times are factored in, you can't use them as often as you might like (and personally, I'd only ever consider buying them back during a tournament). It'll be a long time before I can get any of these creatures, but I might as well ask. When do you think is a good time for a player who doesn't hack (ie., me) to max out the legendary hybrids. Also, do you have any tips for taking down the powerful creatures I'd face with less powerful ones if/when I were to do this?

Thank you so much for making this site; it's such a huge help to me!
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/20/2016
I agree, Monica. It took Ludia almost 3 months to get it right, but the VIP membership is actually worth getting now. If you take a step back and look at the VIP program now & compare it to when it was introduced almost 3 months ago, it's almost 2 entirely different things. With the implementation of these changes, I'm sure Ludia has already seen a sizeable increase in VIP membership sales. As for draft battle farming, people started farming resources that way soon after draft battles were introduced. On reddit, people claim to have farmed as much as 40k+ DNA with draft battles. It never crossed my mind that they could be a means of farming VIP points too, but it makes perfect sense. Take advantage of that while you can though. It's a bit of an exploit so I wouldn't be suprised if Ludia patches that somehow. As for your question regarding legendary hybrids. All things considered, I'd say the best time for a legit player to max legrndary hybrids is probsbly never. I say that for a few reasons, a few of which you already mentioned. Maxed lengendry hybrids have a lengthy cooldown period, which in turn means they also have a higher buy back cost. As you said, they will also drive up opponent strength and due to their EXTREMELY high DNA evolution costs, it would be difficult to create and fully evolve enough of them to enter into more than one special event. By that I mean, unless you have more of them, you'll likely have to buy them back after every single battle. Indominus rex, for example, has a 2 day cooldown period or you can skip that for the low low price of 523 bucks. Priotrodon is 2d 8hr or 607 bucks. My point is you may put yourself in a position of having very few capable fighters for certian battle events and those few fighters would have a higher buy back cost. Considering many of the VIP creatures are very comperable to legendary hybrids in terms of battle abilities, in addition to an all around lower cost and around half the cooldown time, VIPs would be the more logical option. As far as legendary hybrids, alot of people have said that having a couple of them at either level 10 or level 20 is a good battle strategy. You have a generally strong fighter that doesnt drive up opponent difficulty nearly as much plus you have a more reasonable cooldown period/buy back cost. Maxed spinoraptors seem to pair well with level 10-20 i-rex's from what I've heard. To give you an idea of my opponents, in the current VIP invite only battle, my maxed priotrodons, i-rex's etc are faced with 2 equally maxed hybrids and 1 thats between level 35 & 40. So if you have maxed legendary hybrids but don't have more than 1 team of them, you may not be capable of defeating opponents without repeatedly buying back your maxed legendary hybrids. Needless to say not all battles are scaled to your strongest dinos, some, like "live battles" are scaled to whatever you enter with. As for taking down stronger creatures, it's all in your strategy, but also remember you're fighting bots. Because they are bots, their battle strategy is an algorythm which translates to pattern behaviour. If you can learn to recognize these patterns, you can exploit them. Some bots are more aggressive and others are pretty timid, but they all display some type of pattern behaviour. Patterns do vary from one bot to the next, but they're there. Find & exploit them and winning becomes much easier :-) Lastly... you are welcome Monica. I'm glad you find the site so useful. Thats what it's here for ;-)

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