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Well, the Valkyrie 77 defense project has arrived. First of all, just like omega 09, something is fishy with the counter... again. I'll get to that a little later in this post. Also just like the Omega 09 world boss event, I'm not impressed....

I just finished my first 3 attempts at the Valkyrie 77 Pteranodon and I was completely obliterated very quickly. First,  I used 2 maxed ankylodocus hybrids and my maxed apatosaurus in hopes that between having class advantage & using herbivores with strong health, it would make up for the herbivores general lack of attack strength but.... no. So, I instead tried a lineup consisting of 1 Priotrodon and 2 Indominus Rex's, all maxed. This lineup did only slightly better. The Valkyrie 77 pterosaur gained an absolutely ridiculous amount of health very quickly. The screenshot below is the death blow by the Valkyrie 77 at level 4 on my final Ankylodocus. 42,900 health... at level 4? Really Ludia? 

At level 1 the Valkyrie 77 Pteranodon has over 5,000 health.  With these numbers, I wonder how Ludia expects anybody with legitimate (non-hacked) accounts to make any real progress when fighting Valkyrie 77. On my third attempt I used the same lineup as my 2nd attempt,  Indominus Rex x 2 and Priotrodon, all maxed. With some adjustments to my strategy, I almost took down the level 4 Valkyrie. But as you'll see below, I didn't quite get it. 

So, again, with a lineup your average player would likely never have, I didn't even get past the 4th level. My 3rd attempt did bring in just over 1,000 DNA. So what were the results when I used a more "casual player attainable" lineup? I used a lineup of maxed hybrids again, but more obtainable ones. Spinoraptor, Stegoceratops & Giganocephalus. This lineup didn't even get past level 2 and I won a whopping 34 DNA. Pretty weak. 

Let's add insult to injury... 

So after my several bouts against Valkyrie 77, I went in for one more. When I do, I notice my high score is considerably less than it should be. The first picture below is time stamped with 7.20AM. The second picture is time stamped 12.32PM, thats five hours after the first. Take a look at the high score. I don't know what Ludia did to fix the broken counter during the omega 09 event, but obviously the counter (or something) is still broken. Or rigged... 

@  7:20 AM   ---> 


@ 12:32 PM  --->

Obviously everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but in my opinion, Valkyrie 77 = FAIL 

DNA Valkyrie valkyrie 77 pteranodon world boss battle

Comments (2)

  • 1. JP JW Fan | 09/04/2016
First off just wanted to say what an amazing job you do with this site, so much amazing info appreciate all the effort you put into this. Please keep up the awesome work.
Yup Ludia is really screwing us, these boss events which no one plays after the initial couple of plays to just check it out, absolutely no replay value.
Ludia also needs to make the VIP more worthwhile, it's a joke with the VIP dinos, doesnt unlock after purchase. Nearly impossible to get lvl40.
Finally, enough with giving food and coins in wheel spin and packs esp legendary packs.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/05/2016
I'm glad you like the site ☺️ and I couldn't have said it better myself, I agree 100%

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