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Update 9

I know I'm late with this post, I've been incrediably busy the past few weeks. Better late than never though, right? So update 9 brought 7 new creatures to the game:

Cenozoic - Cavern


Cenozoic - Savannah





Cenozoic - Snow



With the new cenozoic creatures also comes a cenozoic 'live battle' arena. Until Ludia releases some more cenozoic creatures, the classes are pretty unbalanced. Cavern gets only the rare andrewsarchus while the other 2 classes both recieve rares plus super rares and 1 legendary. 

All in all I'm a little disappointed with this update. I do like a few of the new feeding animations, but the look of several of these creatures could've been better, in my opinion. Furthermore, those of us who are sitting at the level cap get no additional mission to complete (again). So, at least for now we're still stuck at park level 75. There's not much else worth mentioning for this update... 

cenozoic Update 9 andrewsarchus phorusrhacos indricotherium entelodon sarkastodon smilodon elasmotherium

Comments (2)

  • 1. Caio | 03/02/2017
There's one more thing worth mentioning. The raptors paddock got EVEN WORSE. I was already NOT playing it because the rewards were not worth the resources spent, and now LUDIA advertises there's a better chance of getting packs. Well, I tried it, playing a full round, got NO PACKS AT ALL and spent over twice the resources as it used to be before. And it also seems the trade harbor got nerfed, as there's no more "coins for dinos" trades...
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 03/02/2017
That's not surprising. I gave up on the raptor paddock about a week after it was released haven't touched it since then. Gave up on the trade harbor not long after that. I have literally every creature and they're all at level 40 so have no real need for it...

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