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Update 8 (re-write)

So, only a month and a half after update 7, we have another game update. Reading on JWTGs facebook page, it seems a number of people sre experiencing game crash issues with this update, both android and iOS. Fortunately, I have not had any issues, so let us breakdown the update....

Note: This post was completely re-written on Dec. 13th 

Update 8 is very much a VIP oriented update at first glace. Let's begin with what's new for both VIPs and non-VIPs. There are 3 new hybrids. Nundagosaurus, Gorgosuchus and Metriaphodon. As of now, only 2 of these can be created and/or otherwise showing up in the market. Furthermore, of those 2, 1 of them requires a limited edition creature  (gorgosaurus) to fuse. This is a first and it's something that isn't making people happy as it requires a creature that few people have. Essentially, what Ludia has done here is given us the games first limited edition hybrid... and the most costly hybrid to date. It has slso been anounced that 2 additional tournament creatures are coming soon. 

Gorgosuchus 1Gorgosuchus 2     Nundagosaurus 1Nundagosaurus 2

Next we have the addition of 2 new aquatic creatures. Onchopristis and my personal favorite aquatic from Jurassic Park Builder the Dolichorhynchops. They are both super rare and all things considered, pretty weak.

Onchopristis 1Onchopristis 2     Dolichorhynchops 1Dolichorhynchops 2

 Lastly, 1 new decoration (the gazebo) and 1 new new building (ice cream stand) are now avaiable in the market.

Ice cream stand     Gazebo

VIP program & benefits

Non-VIP members

Players that do not have a VIP membership can now earn and spend VIP points. The rewards earned are half of what VIP members will earn and of coarse, VIPs get additional perks. 

VIP Membership

The cost and duration of a VIP membership have both been changed. A membership will now cost you $10 USD and will have a duration of one month. Be forewarned, you are enrolled in a automatically recurring membership, meaning the VIP membership will automatically renew itself and charge you for the next month when your membership is close to its expiration. You will need to access your app store's 'subscription' settings to cancel the automatic renewal (if you no longer want the membership). 

VIP content

The cost of all VIP content has been doubled. Creatures currently on release now cost 20,000 vip points and the solid gold pack now costs 10,000 vip points. Furthermore, the possible contents of the solid gold pack has been greatly reduced. Pretty much all VIP creatures added with update 7 and then some are no longer available via the solid gold pack. VIP members are especially not very happy with this change, which is understandable. This change is likely a move to prevent non-vip members from having access to all the various vip creatures. The unfortunate truth is that people that have paid to have access to all vip content are now themselves unable to obtain certian vip creatures. Collateral damage, I guess. Regardless, in my opinion, this change is not at all fair to those who have paid Ludia to gain access to VIP benefits & content.

VIP members

VIP rewards have been doubled, although this is offset by vip content also doubling in price. Fact of the matter is this is simply a marketing gimmick intended to promote VIP membership sales. It's well advertised that VIPs now get double the loyalty points, yet it's unmentioned that vip creatures and other content has also doubled in price. It's also unmentioned that VIPs now have access too about 1/2 of the VIP creatures that they had sccess to prior to this update. In regards to VIP content, from what I've read on JWTGs facebook page, Ludia has done an exceptional job of making a lot of paying VIP members unhappy. Half of the creatures are no longer obtainable and the other half Ludia has now given non-members access too. 

DNA Production Facility

One of the new benefits that is exclusive to VIP members, is the DNA production facility. It will be leveled up as you activate it, producing a maximum of 2000 DNA per day. Personally mine isn't producing near that much yet, so I'm curious how long it'll take before it does produce that amount....

VIP mystery pack

For VIPs, the mystery pack has been replaced by the VIP mystery pack. The difference being that the VIP mystery pack has a much larger group of dinosaurs it may contain. This includes legendaries. My VIP mystery packs have contained nothing more than the usual mystery packs contents, common dinos and other small amounts of resources. I'm sure that the probability of actually getting a legendary from the VIP mystery pack is quite low. Another marketing gimmick if you ask me.


Glacier parkLast but not least, we see what will become our "glacier" park. Although it is not yet accessable, it's construction is underway and judging by JWTGs facebook posts, I'm thinking we'll be seeing it "open for buisness" sometime around Christmas. We also see the new Cenozoic tab in the marketplace, which displays a legendary woolly mammoth unavailable to purchase. So, we'll just have to wait for construction to finish...

Final Thoughts

All things considered, I think this update was earlier than Ludia had originally intended it to be (hince the reason for the Glacier park still being under construction). With only a month and a half since between updates 7 & 8, this update came much quicker than updates in the past. In my honest opinion, this updates reeks of despiration. I think Ludia saw a drop-off in the number of daily players following update 7 and their analytics showed the need for a quick change. They needed a change that would halt the decline in the number of players and a change that would keep them envolved in the game. With the majority of players being non-VIP members, what better than to grant them access to VIP content and tease both members and non-members with the upcoming glacier park. This update came far too quickly and I think that's why.

To be perfectly honest, part of my reasoning for that is that immediately following update 7, this website saw a decline in number of visits for the first time ever. Following update 8, that number of visits has been back on the rise and not just a little. I think this update came so quickly and in all actuality, is incomplete (*cough cough* glacier park not ready yet *cough cough*) was because it's a desperate act to fix the decline in players. Why not wait and bundle the glacier park with the rest of update 8 and release it all at the same time?

If this update was what I think it was, it seems to have worked. It has made a lot of people happy and enthused about the game... the negative comments from the existing paid VIP members on their facebook page... manageable collateral damsge. If making 85% of players happy with the game doesn't go over well with the remaining 15%... well, the choice is obvious.

Obviously this is all just my opinion... but to me this update just smells fishy and I've always had a way of picking up on that type of thing.

All that being said, I think everybody is excited about the upcoming cenozoic park ;-)

VIP market marketplace vip points Update 8 dna production facility vip membership cenozoic glacier ice cream stand gazebo onchopristis dolichorhynchops gorgosuchus nundagosaurus metriaphodon woolly mammoth

Comments (8)

  • 1. Jwplayer | 12/11/2016

First of all, you have a great website. I visit here very often and its super helpful :)

Next, my question is that- once non vip players buy a solid gold pack, do they unlock the dinosaur they get in the market?

Again, thanks a lot.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 12/13/2016
I'm glad you find the website so useful. That's what it's here for :-) As for you question, the answer is no, it does not unlock in the market. Hope that helps
  • 2. Caio | 12/09/2016
Now there's also a Pterodactyl pack costing 50,000 points!!! I don't see the point for that... I did buy one out of curiosity, since VIP points are not a big issue for me (as you know), but there's nothing special about it, I think it comes with even less resources... Wasn't it 7,500 DNA per card? In this one I think it was only 5,000...
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 12/10/2016
I saw that too and I also got it for the same reason. You're exactly correct, nothing special, includes less resources and quite honestly a big rip off.
  • 3. Caer | 12/08/2016
Non-vip playes can collect now vip points(for opening packs) and can buy pack for them. Of course they collect less points than vip players. I don't have vip account, so accually when i spare 10 thousands points, i can buy vip pack. VIP market is now opened for non-vip players in less words. Of course i don't have access to DNA factory VIP Mystery Pack. I think that's way they removed some VIP dinosaurs from pack. It's say that now VIP players have still some limited content, so i'm sure that's the dinosaurs missing from solid pack.

Sorry for my english.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 12/09/2016
Thanks for the info. At the time of this blog post Ludia had not yet added their summary of the update to the in-game 'report center' and with an active vip membership, I was completely in the dark about those changes (hince the 'tis confusion' comment). Now that the summary was added by Ludia, I can now see the changes you guys mentioned and things make more sense. No need to apologize for your english either. I had no problem understanding what you were saying
  • 4. Brent | 12/07/2016
I am very glad they did the "gimmick" of this new update. It allows non-vip users like me to participate in VIP only events and have a chance to obtain the VIP animals of which I was sure was going to be impossible. I would rather get a random VIP animal every two months than never at all.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 12/07/2016
I didn't know that. So non-VIPs can now participate in VIP events with a chance to get a random VIP creature? Or am I reading your comment wrong? Where are you seeing this? And I wasn't calling the update a gimmick, just the fact that vip rewards are now doubled.

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