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Update 7 - Full Review MEGA Post

Now that I've had time to play around with all the new stuff update 7 brought us, it's time for a full review of the new features and content. A note to those who don't like something (or things) about this update. Give it time to settle in. Ludia will likely make adjustment based on user feedback, they almost always do.


Lets begin....and be prepaired, this truly is a Mega Post...

Asset repository   Raptor paddock

Trade harbor

Game update 7 is a pretty big update. After poking around the internet, it seems this update brings mixed reviews. Some people are singing praises while others are disappointed with the update. One thing I don't think people are recognizing is that Ludia has indeed addressed the things that people were asking for the most. Whether people want to believe it or not, Ludia does listen. The manner in which Ludia addresses player requests many not be the ideal solutions we had hoped for. But it's to be expected that Ludia is going to put their own twist on things. It's these twists that make the different games people play stand out from one another. So, update 7.... first, a rundown of the new assets...


Revenue Tower

People wanted a 'collect all' button for coin collection. Ludia answered with the revenue tower. True, it's not a 'collect all' button, but it does give players the ability to collect from a quantity of buildings and/or dinos in a single click. I think the 2 minute cooldown time for the towers use is unnecessary, however. It's not the ideal answer, but in Ludia's own way they gave players the 'collect all' button they have been begging for. Moving the tower a few times is indeed better than collecting from an untold number of buildings one by one, isn't it?

3 New Land VIP Creatures

Pterodaustro 1Pterodaustro 2

Wuerhosaurus 1Wuerhosaurus 2

Metoposaurus 1Metoposaurus 2

2 New Aquatic VIP Creatures

Plotosaurus 1Plotosaurus 2

Giant orthocone 1Giant orthocone 2

4 New Aquatic Creatures & 1 New Pterosaur

There are 4 new aquatics, 2 of which will be tournament releases as they do not show in the marketplace. The Pterosaur was in the marketplace but it disappeared, so I don't know what is going on there. Here are stats for the 2 aquatics that do show up in the marketplace...

New aquatics     New aquatics 2

3 New Hybrids

Rajastega 1Rajastega 2

Suprannotitan 1Suprannotitan 2

Unayrhynchus 1Unayrhynchus 2

6 New Structures

New buildings

New decorations


New Features

As we all know, update 7 brings 3 major new features to the game. The Trade Harbor, Asset Repository and Raptor Paddock. This is where the update is getting mixed reviews. Some say these features are worthless and make no improvement to game. Others like them saying they can be benefical. Let's begin with the Asset Repository... 

Asset Repository

Asset repositoryThe asset repository's function is simple. Free up room in your park. This is obviously Ludia's answer to the countless people that have literally been begging for more park space. Like many other people, my park is indeed jam packed and can't hold anything further. My park literally has 2 or 3 1x1 squares that are unoccupied. I admit that a larger park size would have been better than the repository. That being said, I have personally found the repository to be an excellent thing. Having nearly every creature in the game, there are numerous creatures I don't necessarily want on display in my park, but I'm also unwilling to sell them. These creatures are most all of the common and rares, but some super rares and legendaries too. They are of no use to me or I simply don't like how they look in my park. However, I wanted to keep them for any future need that may arise. So the repository proved to be an excellent sollution. I get the ugly bastards out of my park, but they are still on hand should I need them in the future.

After clearing out pretty much everything except hybrids, VIPs and tournament creatures, I find that my park is once again a spacious theme park that has room to breathe. So as far as I'm concerned, the asset repository = space problem solved.

I know others don't see it this way and just wanted a bigger park. As I said at the start of this post, Ludia has answered the players needs. They have just done so with their own twist. They've given us a tool to utilize for additional park space. Use it or don't, that's up to you. As for it not holding structures... who cares? They are purchased with coins and coins are so ridiculously easy to come by. If you don't want a building of decoration, just sell the damn thing. Then if at a later date you want that building or decoration again, buy it again. Everybody complains about how they're maxed on coins with nothing to spend them on... so I don't understand the complaints about the repisitory not holding structures. Spend your coins to get them. That's just my 2 cents...

Trade Harbor

Trade harborMoving on to the Trade Harbor. This is another feature that has generated a lot of mixed opinions. For those that say it's worthless, I disagree. Personally, in my legitimate unhacked account, I have already traded 17 million food for an Indominus Rex... twice. 15 million food for a Koolasaurus, I got 2 Edestus's for a couple thousand bucks each, 4.7 million food got me 4600 dna and most recently an Ankylodocus for 5.9 million food. So to anybody who says the trade market is full of worthless junk, keep checking.

There ARE good trades to be made. The more often you check, the more often you'll find those worthwhile trades. Furthermore, I keep getting offered bucks for my excess inventory of structures. The trade harbor just offered me 127 bucks for 1 roller coaster. People wanted a way to exchange coins for bucks, dna etc. Well, now it's been added.

Look at it this way... it's no different than any other open air market on the planet. Farmers msrket, flea market, fish market, vendor market... they're all the same. It's a place to exchange goods. The majority of trades are either evenly fair or one person makes a small profit from the other. It's just buisness. Some trades are NOT to your favor at all and you want to spot and avoid those. Then, ocassionally you'll find something that's an amazing deal, you can't pass up. The trade harbor is much the same. You browse through what's available. If you don't see anything you like, don't trade. Wait a few hours, check again. When you find something you want, make the trade. Keep an eye out for rip off's, I've seen one of two already. Also watch for those "once in a lifetime" trades, they do show up from time to time. I got 2 I-Rex's for 17 million food each, with maxed out food, how can anybody complain about that? Check your market frequently and you'll find the good trades. A lot of trades will be worthless to you. It's a trade market, that is to be expected. Just keep checkin... 

Raptor Paddock & Boosted Battles

Raptor paddockThe new raptor paddock. In all honesty, I'm wondering if this is somehow a little forshadowing of something we'll see in Jurassic World's sequal scheduled for release in June 2018. I don't know, it's just a thought.

Anyways, training your raptors to earn battle boosts for the boosted arena... it introduces a new dynamic to battles. The game needed a new dynamic, in my opinion. So far, I see this as an excellent opportunity for people to hone their battle strategies. "How?", you ask... enter the boosted arena and try to win without using any of your boosts. It'll be putting yourself at a disadvantage as your opponent WILL be using boosts. If there is a time tested method to perfect one's strategy or skill at something, it's to intentionally put yourself at a disadvantage. I've won 5 or 6 boosted battles without the use of boosts, thats out of 11 battles (or was it 12?). 

Playing with boosts is somewhat enjoyable so far, although the prize wheel seems to have been overrun with food and coins, but there are some decent size DNA rewards in there too. So grinding will be the only way to profit anything worthwhile. Nothing has changed there... grind grind grind. The prize wheel in any type of live battle seems to have been negatively impacted by this 'Boosted Arena' which isn't going over to well with players (understandably). Otherwise, I think the whole boosted arena thing is kinda cool.

So, in the end here is what I think of update 7. Is it perfect? No. Is it a pile of trash? No. It has got some kinks to be worked out for sure, adjustments need to be made here and there. But overall, I don't understand the complaints I've been seeing around the internet. In some form Ludia has delivered on what players have been asking for. They've given us a way to free up some space, a way to collect coins more efficiently and a way to exchange resources.

We all have different pictures in our mind of how we want things to change or improve. Fact is that Ludia can't make everything perfect for everybody. That's something that can only happen in a perfect world and as we all know, this is not a perfect world. Generally speaking, in this update Ludia has put their own twist on the things people wanted and delivered. It's not perfect, but they delivered. The game needed a new dynamic and they delivered on that. I know some will disagree, but in my mind this update is a good one.

Please feel free to comment below. Good or bad, I'd love to hear your thoughts too!

update DNA VIP structures Ludia bucks dino bucks market marketplace vip points buildings decorations park coins asset repository trade harbor raptor paddock pterodaustro metoposaurus wuerhosaurus plotosaurus giant orthocone daisey bed water path garden cherry blossom park dizzy dino ride badlands amphitheater party hut rajastega suprannotitan unayrhynchus revenue tower

Comments (7)

  • 1. Caio | 11/07/2016
Hey again!

1) I'm not sure if Ludia will change that, because the Revenue Tower collects from several different sources at once. I don't know if it would be that easy to distinguish which part comes from what. Like, if the mission is collect from ACU offices, you collect 1,000,000 coins using the RT, but say, 10,000 comes from ACU offices and 900,000 comes from a dino nearby. But let's wait and see.

2) Asset repository: I understand if people want their parks to look like a real theme park. But I would like to have a theme park, with ALL my dinos. Of course speeding up buildings is optional, and you can wait until they're ready to start collecting for your mission, but... The same goes with the dinos. You could simply sell them, and if you need them, you can buy them back (using DNA, not coins) and evolve them (using food and more DNA)... Of course it's much worse to use DNA to buy dinos back, then to use coins to buy back buildings you'd sold, but still... There is indeed a point to store buildings just like we can store dinos. And for my personal taste, I prefer to have all my dinos in the park and less buildings, than the other way around.

3) BTW I've played SimCity for iPad for a while and it totally stinks. The old one was good (SimCity 2000 for PC, and even the newer versions), but the iPad version is total crap...

4) About nerfing the prizes... Yes, I know Ludia is always changing, but it is always for the worse. It doesn't make sense, because, for a beginner, it can be good enough to get just 25 DNA after a battle, or even some food or coins, but the more advanced the player is, the more insignificant those prizes become. So, now that many people have been playing it for about 2 years, 140 DNA wouldn't make that much of a difference for them (now that they're probably seeking to improve their most expensive hybrids and not their rares or super-rares), and then instead of Ludia changing it for more (like 280-560-1400-2800 DNA instead of 140-280-700-1400), they change it for LESS. I don't think ANY advanced player will waste their time playing Battle Arena just to get several times 25 DNA or 9k food. I don't play it at all anymore. I would play if I could get 1000 or 2000 DNA each time, not useless food or 25 DNA. So, at this point, people will hack their games or simply stop playing. It's pretty stupid. The more advanced the player is, you should give him BETTER prizes to keep him interested, not useless prizes... At least that's just my opinion.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 11/07/2016
As you said, we'll just have to wait and see if Ludia makes those type of changes to the revenue tower. They would just need to code it to be able to differenciate what coins asre coming from what source. I too would prefer to have all my dinos "on display", but with the amount of space given I'd rather sacrafice some of them to the repository and use that additional space to build a more "realistic" park. That's just a matter of preference and opinion though. Sim City does suck, hasn't been good since its early days As for Ludia making the changes that they do. Yes, thery do become more insignificant if you're a long time player, but from what I've read around the internet, the game is MUCH more noob friendly that it was for people like us that started playing when the game launched. So it all depends on what their user analytics show. If the majority of players are newer to the game, then it makes sense to cater more to the newer players, even if it negatively impacts long time players. Although the DNA prizes arn't of any real value to many people, it is easier to get things like legendaries or thanks to the trade harbor, the indominus rex. So in that respect, DNA is still needed, but not quite as much. Reading on reddit, food seems to have become more of a needed commodity than DNA for alot of people. Coins, for that matter, are actually being spent too. So DNA, although it remains a scarce and needed commodity, generally speaking there is less of a dependancy on it than there was before. Especially for those that are new or at lower levels. That being said, yes, prizes should get better the further you progress in the game, but obviously seasoned players just need to work with what's available or, as you said, the other options are to quit or hack the game. It is what it is
  • 2. Caio | 11/04/2016
PS: I pretty much agree to your conclusion, not perfect, nor trash. Ludia is indeed listening to the players, but they can still do better. Overall the game got better, but there's still room for improvement.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 11/04/2016
Hey Caio! About the revenue tower not counting towards missions, I tend to think that's something that we'll see change in the future. Enough people are unhappy with that aspect of it that Ludia may change that. It very well just could be a bug too. I somewhat disagree about the asset repository. True, the game is about dinosaurs, but Jursssic World: The Game is an more up to date "new and improved" version of Jurassic Park Builder and JPB is modeled in much the same way as Sim City in that it is a "builder simulator". In its infancy JPB was just that, a builder simulator with dinosaurs. In Sim City you're building a city and in JPB & JWTG you're building and dinosaur theme park. So, no, it's not Sim City... but it is a builder simulator. Tournaments etc. do set it apart from other builder simulators, but in its base form it is a builder simulator. I put about 60% of my dinos in the repository so I could clear up some space. For the 1st time in a long time I was finally able to design and layout my park in a way that actually makes it look like a dinosaur theme park. It has plenty of dinos in it, but it also appears as though it would actually function like a real theme park. There are rides, hotels, maintenance facilities etc + dinosaurs. I'll be the first to admit a larger park space would be much prefered, but I am content with the repository and I'm ok with using it to store all the creatures that were cluttering my park. I do understand what you're saying about storing buildings though. I see your point but I must also point out that spending bucks to speed up the construction of buildings is not a necessity, it's an option (and it's a game mechanic taken straight out of Sim City, just sayin :-P ). But, like you said... we have the Asset Planner :-) About boosted battles, agreed they shouldn't have nerfed prizes in the regular battles, but at this point it seems Ludia will bd adjusting prize values with every update. These days they don't seem to stay the same for very long, so although I don't agree with that change, I'm not the least bit suprised that it occured. As I previously mentioned, I'm sure we'll see some adjustments to the new features in the future. We always do. In the meantime we just have to bite our lip and wait for the adjustments to be implemented...
  • 3. Caio | 11/04/2016
Hey! I'll make just a few comments:

1) Revenue Tower - I think I get why there's the 2 minute cooldown time. If there wasn't, no one would need more than 1. They could just move the Tower around to collect everything (which would be a little time-consuming, but still doable). So the cooldown is to prevent this. I was never one of those who asked for a collect all button, because that would un-characterize the game, but this Tower is welcome anyway (and, in my opinion, better than the collect all button). The bad thing about it is that coins collected by the RT don't count for missions. The RT could be very useful for those missions like "collect 1 trillion coins from ACU security office", which are VERY annoying, but this way, the RT is useless for that.

2) Asset Repository - useless for me. The reason of the game are the dinos, not buildings or other stuff - it's Jurassic World, not SimCity! I still think we need more space. I refuse to store my dinos.

As for the buildings, the reason to store them would be because, if you sell and need to buy back, you'd spend not only coins, but also bucks to speed them up, or else you'd have to wait. It would stink if I sold all my, say, Jurassic Arcades, then needed them for a mission and had to buy them back, using coins (no problem) but then had to speed them with bucks or wait 18h to start collecting from them (luckily we have your "Asset Planner"!).

3) Boosted Battles - yeah, I agree it's kinda cool. My complaint is that they have nerfed the prizes of the regular Arena, and the prizes of the Boosted Arena are about the same as the previous regular one. Including all useless coins and food cards. And the booster cards are somewhat expensive to get (you can spend a lot of food, coins and even other resources while training your Raptors), then you spend those costly cards just to get the same rewards you'd get before at the regular Arena (mostly coins and food BTW). So it's kind of a ripoff.
Christian Faro
  • 4. Christian Faro | 10/24/2016
Hey there ! Anybody else having issues with the game NOT saving when you exit or switch to visitor !!! My game has been jerking me around since sunday (yesterday) late afternoon ? What ever I do in the game, Upgrades, Evolutions are not saved ... but the game eats up my ressources ! : (
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 10/24/2016
Hey Christian. I'm not experiencing that issue but I know others are. On JWTGs Facebook page they posted that they are aware of some issues with the update and they are working on a fix. So you'll just have to wait for the fix to be released, or just contact Ludia support via their website here [URL][/URL] or you can contact support through the app. Just go to settings -> information -> support

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