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To build or not to build... (MEGA Post)

Setting Up Your Park - Part 1: Structures (MEGA Post) 

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To build or not to build... that is the question. With more than 25 building and 25 decoration options, what should you build? How much should you build? What will you benefit most from building? In part 1 of the 'Setting Up Your Park' series, we'll take an in depth look at various aspects of park design and design strategies for decorating and constructing buildings. Should you build a utilitarian style park that nets big profits? Or should you build an more aesthetically pleasing park? Ohhhh what to build... what not to build...

Park aesthetics vs. utility

I'll begin by saying this, if you want an aesthetically pleasing park that looks more like a real world theme park would, this strategy/design has one huge drawback. In later episodes of the game (episode 25 and up), this design will stall your forward progress immensely. I would love to build my Jurassic World park like I did my land, aquatic and glacier parks in Jurassic Park Builder. My JPB parks made huge profits (30+ million coins/day) and they looked good doing it. See images below :-P 


Unfortunately with later episodes in JWTG, unless you want to or don't mind progressing at a snails pace, park aesthetics become a problem. I'm not saying you can't make your park look good, because it most certainly can look amazing and still get you through the game, it's just a matter of time. That being said, the less you pay attention to aesthetics & the more you setup your park to be a coin generating machine, the easier it will be to progress in the game. Obviously that choice is yours to make, just be prepared to climb a few mountains if you want to make your park look more like a functional "real world" park. A more utilitarian park will progress you through the game easier and faster. When it comes to being utilitarian, efficiency is the name of the game. Good planning and even some trial and error will help you maximize park productivity, which in turn will increase the speed and ease of completing missions. 

It's time to build...

Whether you've chosen to take the utilitarian design approach or you're building for looks, you will need to build buildings. The simple fact is the more buildings you build, the better off you'll be. But there are alot of different buildings you can build and you're wondering which buildings you SHOULD build. And how many?


Communication Stations & ACU Security Offices

These two buildings show up in more missions than any others. Because of this, having a quantity of these built and ready to go at all times would be a good idea. For ACU Security Offices, I would suggest building somewhere between 30 & 50 of them and I wouldn't worry too much about getting a sizeable decorations bonus on them. It isn't worth wasting space to decorate and increase the decorations bonus on ACU Security Offices, the space can be better used for other things. Communication Stations are a different story. Placing decorations around fewer Communication Stations can net a higher profit than filling the same amount of space with a few more Comm. Stations. Even with decorations, I would recommend at least 15 Comm. Stations, as this number will allow you to complete the associated missions within a day or two in most cases. See the decorating strategy section below for more info on how to most efficiently decorate buildings.  


Other Building Recommendations

There are many other building types you'll see in missions. Some missions require the simple purchase of buildings, while other missions ask you to collect coins from specific types of buildings. Below is a list of other recommended buildings to have in your park, quantity recommended and any other relevant notes. The Structure Planning Guide can be useful for more details on when you'll encounter missions/objectives requiring the buildings below as well as how much you'll need to collect from them. 


  1. Power Generator: You'll start needing to collect sizeable amounts of coins from these in Episode 22. A minimum of 20 of these is recommended, but 30 or more of these would be helpful for episode 28. No decorations 
  2. Solar Tracker: 5 - 10 recommended, with decorations 
  3. Navigator Blimp Ride: 8 - 10 recommended, with decorations 
  4. Jungle Bean Coffee Shop : You won't need a sizeable number of these until episode 34, at which point a minimum of 20 is recommended. No decorations 
  5. Triple Crown Hotel: Same as the coffee shop seen above, you won't need many of these until episode 34, at which point 8 - 12 are recommended, with decorations 
  6. Ptersauria Cineplex: 5 - 7 recommended, with decorations 
  7. Skypoint: Minimum of 5 recommended, with decorations 
  8. Cloud Nine Balloon Ride: Recommend 5, with decorations
  9. Egg Spinner Ride: 5 - 7 recommended, with decorations 
  10. Heliport: 4 - 5 Recommended, with or without decorations 
  11. Revolution Ferris Wheel: 5 - 7 recommend, with or without decorations
  12. Wild Waterfalls: 7 - 10 recommended, with decorations

The above listed buildings are suggested as the BARE MINIMUM, but MANY MANY more buildings would be very beneficial in later episodes. I mean jam every square inch of space you have available with buildings. Why? Because between episodes 27 & 50 there are 22 different mission objectives that ask you to collect a combined total of 52,000,000 coins... and most buildings produce less than 1000 coins/hour. 

Time to hang some curtians...

That's right, it's time to decorate! How you want to decorate is obviously your decision. But, as I mentioned earlier, efficient park is a productive park. A productive park eases your progress through the game. To be efficient, you must decorate to get the highest bonuses using the least amount of space. To accomplish this, I recommend using the Triceratops Sculpture earlier in the game and transitioning to a combination of John Hammond Memorial's and Park Oasis as soon as they unlock in the market. You will of coarse be asked to purchase or own XX number of certian decorations throughout the entire storyline. Personally, I would purchase the required decorations as needed for missions, then immediately sell them. 


How to decorate

Placement of decorations in relation to dinos and buildings can be a bit of a puzzle if you're aiming for maximum... everything. A little trial and error here can go along way for your parks productivity. If you have some time play with different arrangements of dinos, buildings and decorations, you might be surprised how much difference in coin production a little rearranging can do. Remember, coins arn't good for much else than structures. So if you have coins to spend and open space in your park to fill. BUILD, DECORATE, REPEAT. The highest possible bonus on anything comes from a single combination of decorations. 2 rows of Park Oasis' then a row of John Hammond Memorial's. Personally, I generally just do 2 rows of park oasis' between rows of buildings and only place an outer row of J.H. Memorials around my highest paying dinos. I'll stack around 80% of my dinos in piles on the side, all with no bonus on them (unless, by chance, they are close enough to the outer edge of the pile to pick up a little bonus from nearby decorations). This gives me enough room to decorate around most my buildings and my top dinos. Well get into WHAT to decorate in the upcoming Part 2 of this series

Decorations strategyDecorations example

By now you (hopefully) have a better idea of how you want to setup your parks decorations and building. In part 2, we'll go over some different dino placement ideas and few other park setup tips. Until then... happy building! 

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