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Omega Upheaval

Well, it has been nearly 2 weeks since the Omega 09 update rolled out and players have yet another reason to be outraged at Ludia. Following the close of the Omega 09 world boss event, many are demanding the game be restored to it's pre-Omega 09 form while others are saying that they are done playing Jurassic World: The Game... indefinitely. Keep diggin Ludia, keep diggin... 



It seems Ludia realized that a large portion of their fanbase was unhappy and they decided to take the appropriate action and remedy the situation as best they could. They have released a statement saying the Omega 09 world event didn't go as well as they planned and as part of the statement, they have given participants 1000 dino bucks. Kudos to Ludia on that one. It was the right thing for them to do. 

Omega 09 World Boss... Fail?

The numbers are in on the Omega 09 world boss event and the results... (drumroll please).... Ludia digs themselves into an even deeper hole.


That's right, after the already overwhelmingly negative response to the update, Ludia makes it worse. The event was flawed from the start with the bug in the communal damage counter. Now, we find that the counter Ludia claimed to have fixed, remained broken. Many people are claiming the event was rigged from the start and all the counter was counting... was nothing. 



In the picture seen top left is our global total after the event ended. In the picture seen top right is our global total as of approximately 1 day before the end of the event. I saw the counter hit 34 billion then when our final tally is 4,294,967,295?!? Hey Ludia... pull your head out of your ass already. C'mon.


Ludia's journey to the center of the Earth

Ludia dug themselves a nice deeeeeep hole with the implementation of a VIP program. Players expressed their extreme dislike for this not just on the JW Facebook page, but all over the internet. Reddit, the Jurassic Park wiki... everywhere. As a whole, the JW community rejected the VIP program. Seems to me that the responsible and smart thing to do when so much of your fanbase is unhappy is to say the Omega 09 World Boss was defeated and give everybody the 1000 dino buck prize. Seems logical, right? 


Whether the total communal damage goal was reached or not (if they were even actually counting, which I doubt they were) they should have made the event a success. Ya kno... try to redeem themselves a little. But no, they decided to say we failed. Judging by the MASSIVE amount of pissed off posts on the JW Facebook page, suddenly that deeeeeep hole they managed to dig themselves into already... now it's so deep that they've reach our planets molten iron core. 

update Omega 09 VIP fail Ludia rigged

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