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Shame on you Ludia

Ludia has confirmed my suspicions and all I can say is "shame on you Ludia". I have caught Ludia red handed... let's see the evidence, shall we?

I haven't participated in the Valkyrie world bullshit... oops... I mean world boss event since my discovery that my high score was being tampered with by somebody other than me (i.e. Ludia). For those who haven't read my last post or just want a reccap, here's what I originally discovered...


First, I played a few valkyrie battles right when the event started. This was my high score (the screenshots time stamp was 7:20 AM)

Several hours later I opened the game to play 1 or 2 more valkyrie battles, but I noticed something interesting. This screenshots timestamp is 12:32 PM, a full 5 hours after the first screenshot. Note the high score in the picture above, then look at my high score below.

And today, it gets worse...

Until an hour or two ago, I haven't even open the game since my discovery mentioned above. I figured Valkyrie was likely rigged and I had evidence to prove it, so why even try. Today I thought I'd check in on the event (and my high score) so I opened the game and this is what I found... again, take a look at my high score

I left this screenshot un-cropped so you can see the time and date at the top (center) of my screen. Excuse the red bars on the sides/bottom, they are for a root menu & toolkit I have installed on my tablet. Anyways, my high score hss fallen another 30k and is now a full 100k less than the high score I achieved and posted several days ago! Yes, the account shown above has been hacked (which, for those that don't know, doesn't matter for something like this), but I have a legitimate unhacked account too. That account has a highscore that has mysteriously reduced by 7k points. So as much as I'd like to lay down a long string of curse words here directed at Ludia, I won't. But I will say this...


Ludia, it's that type of sneaky b.s. that can result in a once sucessful business turning belly up. Honestly, if this website didn't have the large number of regular visitors that it does, I'd likely be uninstalling the game and deleting all my JWTG data backups. I won't waste my time on a game that's rigged. It's that simple. This is your 1 "get out of jail free" card. 


Considering my discovery the other day, I figured from the start of Valkyrie 77 that the goal wouldn't be reached and although the event isn't over, reaching the goal is indeed looking bleek. I'd be very suprised if the goal was reached, especially when Ludia is tampering with high scores (just like with cockroaches, if there is one highscore tampered with... there's more)

fail Ludia rigged winnings Valkyrie valkyrie 77 high score

Comments (16)

  • 1. Caio | 10/07/2016
Monica, I personally wouldn't recommend making hybrids AT ALL, unless required by a mission (around level 50-55 you'll be required a level 11 Carnoraptor, then a Stegoceratops, and later on you'll be required I-Rex and Priotrodon, but that's much later, I haven't even got there yet). Of course the hybrids are one of the coolest things about the game, so you'll eventually be tempted to make them, like I did, but in terms of battles and tournaments, they're not worth it. Even if you've got 2 T-Rexes and 2 Velociraptors: if you make and I-Rex, at level 10 it will be weaker than a maxed T-Rex. To buy another level 10 and make a level 20, it costs about the same as getting a third maxed T-Rex. Of course a level 20 I-Rex will be stronger, but it has a longer resting time and it's just one dino, and a maxed T-Rex is already very useful for tournaments (dominator league) and has lower resting time. So, getting hybrids is hardly a rational decision. Except maybe the weaker ones. Pelecanypteryx is a good resource for tourneys and the dinos used to make it are useless for them. Even the SR hybrids might be a good idea, you might wanna get some of them at level 20. But the legendary hybrids are definitely not a rational choice. Just make them when you're already able to spare your resources.

Just to show my point: I hacked the game, as I said before, and still, my strongest dinos are just a level 37 Spinoraptor, level 20 I-Rex and Ostaposaurus, level 15 Priotrodon and so on... LOL. They're about the same strenght as each other. I like to keep balanced teams - those are not thaaaaat much stronger than a maxed T-Rex, and yet I've got no less than 52 dinos which are stronger than my level 40 T-Rexes...
  • 2. Caio | 10/07/2016
As Monica has said, Ludia is just pissing players off. The fact they had to change the VIP program twice shows this - they must have changed because they were losing costumers. I also completely understand they have to make money, but they should do it by making their costumers happy and not cheating on them. When the VIP program started, they didn't make clear that you'd still need to collect an impossible amount of VIP points in order to get just one single VIP creature. That's cheating. I wouldn't mind giving them some money for such an awesome game (as I have done for some other games I like), but seeing how they cheat on costumers stops me from wanting to give them money.

About Omega 09, Valkyrie and stuff, I agree to everything that has been said. People will just play them twice, see they can't get past level 3 and quit for once. And there should be better rewards. I hacked one of my creatures to level 999999 or something, and beat level 99 Omega 09 (which took over an hour, and which would be completely impossible for any non-hacker, I think actually even level 10 is already impossible), and still got only something like 4k DNA or so (I can check the printscreen I made later, if someone is curious).

About tournaments, MONICA, I would say you need at least a big line up of level 30 legendaries and level 40 super-rares to stand a chance at dominator league. Don't evolve a dino before the others: try to get all legendaries to level 30 before taking any of them to level 40. At least, for the earlier tournaments, if you had about 8 teams or 24 creatures, consisting of level 30 legends and level 40 super-rares, it should be enough. I finished in dominator every time, and I never bought back dinos, I'd just wait until they rested. Always. I'm not sure if the later tournaments are more difficult, or if I'm just getting some difficult opponents because I also have stronger dinos. Maybe now level 30 legends and 40 super-rare are not enough anymore and you'd need at least level 40 legends. I can't tell, you must try.
  • 3. Caio | 10/07/2016
Found it! GameGuardian it is - the app I used to hack it. It probably works the same way as Game Killer, but the later didn't work for me. With GG, if I simply change the amount of DNA, BUCKS and VIP I have, it will change back after I close the game. I was able to modify the selling price of a dino, I think it was a Pterodactyl, from 5,000 DNA to 99 million, then I sold it and got permanent 99M DNA. Was able to modify the amount of VIP points I got from opening a pack, from 650 to 99M and voila. But wasn't able to permanently change my bucks. Not that I need them, but I would like to also get 99M just because...
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 10/07/2016
Hi Caio, thanks for all your input. GameKiller never worked for me as it would just crash. GameGuardian works well so that's what I use. As for hacking dino bucks and getting them to stick after closing the game, it is actually pretty easy. I'd prefer not to share it on the site though, so if you want to contact me directly and I'd be happy to fill you in on it. **link removed** ;-)
  • 4. Caio | 10/07/2016
This is one of the reasons why I also hacked my own account. I reached level 75 and had all legendaries and below maxed out (every single creature, except specials and hybrids), but I had long realized it would take me literally YEARS of dedicated playing if I wanted to get all the hybrids maxed out. But I still resisted to hacking (and honestly didn't even know how to). Then comes the VIP program. I didn't sign, but decided to study how it worked. Then I realized that, after paying 50 dollars for it, I'd need 30,000 VIP points just to get ONE SINGLE level 10 VIP dino. And to get that I could (1) buy 12 legendary packs at a cost of 600 dollars (on top of the 50 dollars for the VIP membership, so it would total the price of an iPhone) and reward of 2,500 VIP points each, or (2) just keep playing special events and battle arena, but it would probably take me the whole 3 months of VIP membership just to get enough VIP points for this ONE SINGLE level 10 VIP dino, IF it was enough time (I would need to get 120 super-rare or 60 legendary packs to get enough points, so probably even 3 months wouldn't be enough). So I decided I had to hack it if I ever wanted to have some VIP dinos.

It still took me some weeks and several tries before I found a way to hack it that worked for me. I used Bluestacks (an Android emulator for PC) and installed the game, Lucky Patcher and something similar to Game Killer which I forgot the name (GK didn't work for me). Now I have everything I want - I keep playing on my guest account, which isn't hacked and is about level 52 at the moment, but my FB account is hacked.

If the VIP program was better designed, allowing us to get a few VIP dinos within the 3 months, I'd probably have payed for it. Maybe now it is worth it, after the changes in which you get more VIP points and can buy solid gold packs for only 5000 VIP points (which you can get by buying only 2 legendary packs and I'll still have 2,800 VIP points left). But now is too late, as I already have over 99 million DNA and VIP points, LOL! (BTW, the only thing I couldn't figure out how to permanently hack are the bucks - I have over 1 million but that's from "buying" loads of packs using Lucky Patcher before I figured out how to get 99M DNA and 99M VIP points using that Game Killer similar. How did you hack it?)

Well anyway, I just wanted to state my story, and also congratulate you for this awesome site, keep up your great work with this!
  • 5. Jessyca (link) | 09/12/2016
Great website. Games are these days very important and make part of our life, so hope your website will connect more gamers from around the world.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/16/2016
Thanks Jessyca!
  • 6. Monica | 09/11/2016
I don't hack, so buying back dinos once I've leveled mine up more, and have more available to fight, is what I'll have to do. Having more of them will definitely reduce how many bucks I spend having to buy them back, so I'm going to wait until I'm stronger before participating in a tournament again. Knowing where I currently stand, along with my experience in this tournament, will definitely help me in future ones.

As for creating hybrids, I'd strongly prefer to have 2 of each creature necessary for making a hybrid first. For park income and possible future mission requirements, obviously. But also due to the possibility of those creatures being required for special battle events. For this weekend's legendary pack event, for example, I saw some people on the facebook page who regretted making hybrids (using the event required creatures) prior to the event.

As for which hybrids to make, I'll definitely create Spinoraptor, as well as the rest of the super rare and legendary hybrids. Carnoraptor also looks good, based on it's stats, since it's very close to Spinoraptor in strength. Your advice really helped me, so thank you for that! :)
  • 7. Monica | 09/10/2016
Thanks for getting back to me!

I'm actually at level 44 now, which is why my creatures have been leveled up a bit. And already, based on my experience with this tournament, I can tell it'll be a while before my creatures are strong enough to win against the high level tournament bots. You also mentioned being able to play with a variety of creatures, and I think this is another reason why winning is more difficult for me than it is for a higher level player. Having more creatures will give me more opportunities to battle at a given time, without having to worry as much about buying back my dinos.

You also mentioned hybrids and VIP creatures, and I'll start with the VIP creatures. I'm planning on signing up for VIP at the end of the month, when I get prompted to do so to keep my unclaimed VIP points. Because I want more opportunities to fight for legendary packs, and because of something The Gaming Beaver has said in a few of his videos. According to him, VIP creatures don't unlock in the market after the initial purchase due to a bug in the game's code, similar to how the Mosasaurus didn't unlock in the market after the recent tournament for it. That, and I've seen a lot of speculation going around regarding a new update this month. All of this could mean that a lot of the issues people have with the VIP program could soon be fixed. But for now, I'm just going to wait and see what happens.

And regarding hybrids, I could actually use a bit of advice. There's a few hybrids I could currently create at level 44 (specifically, alangasaurus, labyrinthosaurus, and pelecanipteryx), and a few that I'm close to being able to create. It's when to start fusing hybrids that I'm wondering about, since I know doing to means you lose both creatures used in the fusion until you buy them back. I've seen some advice on the jurassic world app subreddit that says you should have 2 level 40 creatures of each one involved in a fusion before fusing them (ie., having 2 level 40 t-rexs and 2 level 40 velociraptors, then fusing one of each to unlock the I-rex). What do you think of that advice? And is there any advice on this that you would give?
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/10/2016
Not a problem, Monica, happy to help. When I say I can play with a variety of creatures, keep in mind that the account I most often use is hacked. Generally speaking, on a legimate account buying dinos back and skipping wait times is essentially an unavoidable fact of life. Indeed having more creatures able to fight will help to reduce that cost, but you'll still need to buy your dinos back to play in tournamrnts enough to finish in dominator league. As for VIP, the VIP creatures not unlocking in the market being a bug in the code is a possibility and there is also the possibility that gaming beaver was told that by Ludia themselves. But there is also the possibility that was intentionally the design of program. Like you said, there has been alot of speculation about an update soon. Historically speaking there's usually a notable update every 3-4 months. It went pretty much unnoticed, but there was a very small update just about a week ago. Omega 09 update was June 30th, so the end of this month would be the 3 month mark since the last major update and regardless when the next is, I tend to agree that in one way or another, some improvements will be made to the VIP program. Regarding hybrids, having 2 of each creature needed for the creation of a hybrid is entirely your call. I don't see any need for that [b]UNLESS[/b] there is a future need for said creature in a mission. That's one of the reason I put together the asset planning guide, help people identify what creatures are needed in future missions. The hybrids you mentioned are common hybrids and generally speaking, a level 40 common hybrid is not as strong as a level 40 legendary non-hybrid. Because of this, I wouldn't recommend them as they arn't going to do you much good to have when it comes to tournaments. I'd save up for stronger hybrids, super rare or better. I've seen on reddit that people seem to have alot of good results in tournaments with spinoraptor. Another thing I'd suggest is to hold off on any hybrid until you have enough dna to create a level 20 hybrid. Reason being is that the level 40 creatures (or at least 1 of the 2) needed to create the hybrid are stronger than the level 10 hybrid that they create. So in terms of battle strength, it's best to hold off on hybrids until you can create one thats level 20. Hope that helps Monica!
  • 8. Monica | 09/09/2016
I don't know if you're going to make a blog post about the Edestus tournament starting today, or if you're planning on making a page dedicated to tournament strategies. But either way, I can give my impressions of the newest tournament, based on the matches I won (and lost) today.

For the record, my strongest creatures are currently level 20 non-hybrid legendaries.

Up until reaching predator league, the difficulty and levels of the bots mostly scaled to my level. Some of the matches were challenging, but not overly difficult. But upon reaching the higher ranks of predator league, the levels of the opponents creatures were much higher than mine. Some of the opponents I faced were nearly maxed super rare hybrid herbivores, a level 40 Apatosaurus, and a level 40 Indominus rex. Even with a class advantage, I consistently got matched with opponents that I had no hope of beating.

This tells me that the levels of your creatures DO matter for the Predator and Dominator leagues. And that using hybrids at these levels is a very good idea. If you're willing to tell me, I'd kinda like to know what creatures you use in the Predator and Dominator leagues, so I have a reference for future tournaments. I'm not going to be too upset about not finishing in Dominator league for this one. After all, if the Mosasaurus got re-released, that's a pretty good indication that the other tournament creatures will be released again, as well.

I just thought I'd share this info, and I hope you find it useful! :D
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/09/2016
Hey Monica I'm not exactly sure how Ludia determines how difficult your opponents will be, but they do scale to you to some degree. If I enter with nothing but maxed hybrids like priotrodon or i-rex, my opponents are generally level 30 & near maxed hybrids. I can enter with much lesser creatures and my opponent is scaled accordingly, but there does come a point where that no longer remains true. Remember, dominator league is the top 1% of players, so it needs to be difficult to some degree. With your top dinos being level 20 legendarys and per a comment you left a few weeks ago, your somewhere around level 33, so I'm not suprised you can only get so high in tournament ranking. I currently sit in 1st in dominator league and I can play with a number of different creatures and my opponent scales accordingly. The least strongest team I've won with in this tournament so far is a level 40 troodon, level 30 koolasaurus and level 40 spinoraptor. I've also lost with similar teams but I know I can win with lesser teams if I tried. It kinda comes down to the opponents team and how the initial ordering of both teams is. I will generally play with 2 carnivores & an amphibian, 1 carnivore 1 amphibian and 1 pterosaur or 2 amphibians and either 1 pterosaur or 1 carnivore. Sometimes hybrid, sometimes not, sometimes maxed, sometimes not, but always legendaries or sometimes MAYBE a super rare hybrid One thing I immediately noticed in this tournament that is different than past tournamrnts is that VIP creatures have been introduced into the opponents lineups. Because VIPs are generally exceedingly strong at any given level when compaired to other legendaries, this seems to have raised the difficulty level overall. You mentioned a maxed apatosaurus and that's a prime example of what I'm talking about because even a maxed I-rex needs a few attack points to get past the apatosaurus' huge amount of health. You had asked once before about tournaments and I suggested to just dive in and try em out next time a tournament comes around. Now you've had that chance and you know where you stand... ish. The next thing to do is maintain your current position on the leaderboard. Be aware your ranking can fall suprisingly quick, so be prepaired to do a fair numbr of battles to maintain your spot. Luckily (and thankfully) this tournament is only 9 days long. They've been as much as 1 month long in the past and [b]THAT[/b] is a pain in the ass Best of luck!
  • 9. Monica | 09/05/2016
I can fully understand Ludia's need to earn money and retain players, too. Especially with Pokemon Go being released this summer. They need a way to ensure that people play the game regularly, and the world events provide it.

Except the obviously rigged world events and the way the VIP program is designed are making players very pissed off, if the comments on the Jurassic World game's facebook page are any indication. And if Ludia keeps pissing players off like this, they're going to stop playing. Which is the exact opposite of what Ludia wants. There has to be some sort of a solution that will let Ludia retain players, while at the same time not majorly pissing off their customers.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/05/2016
I think Ludia needs to make it so that a VIP purchase would include a single random VIP dino, VIP building, VIP decoration AND a regular legendary. This would entice many more purchases. It should also unlock ALL VIP content in the market. They could keep the VIP points as the currency, but the prices should be reduced by half (again). This would make the VIP program much more worthwhile and the VIP content wouldn't seem so out of reach. I'm sure that if they did that, there wouldn't be nearly as many upset players and in fact probably a sizable number of increased VIP sales. As for the world events... make them a little bit easier to defeat... lets say a level 10 valkyrie. With the "bosses" becoming so incredibly strong so quickly, it discourages people from even trying. That and obviously they shouldn't be tampering with high scores or the counter. That's pretty discouraging too. Bottom line is they need to quit making everything so unattainable to the average player. Sure, make it hard to get the good stuff... make players work for it like any other game out there. But don't make everything so far out of reach.
  • 10. Monica | 09/05/2016
I agree with all of this, and I'm definitely part of the crowd that's pissed at Ludia for rigging the Valkyrie 77 world event. Another sign that it's rigged is the fact that the damage counter moves up at a set pace, and that you can basically tell (using some simple math calculations) whether or not the goal will be reached.

Unfortunately, this is also far from the first time Ludia has done this. There have been at least 3 other world events with an aquatic pack as the grand prize, and the goal wasn't reached in any of them. Same with world events that have a high DNA or dino buck amount as the grand prize. The goal is always set too high to be reached within the event's time frame...

Honestly, Jurassic World is a fun game to play. But Ludia really needs to make some changes to improve it. Between having world events that are obviously rigged, and VIP creatures not unlocking in the market to buy with DNA after the initial purchase (and I think they should, because having to spend 120,000 VIP points to fully level a single creature is bullshit), Ludia has a lot of things they need to fix. I'm not going to quit playing, but my opinion stands.

They need to fix a few things around here. For the better, AND for the benefit of the players.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/05/2016
I don't see it changing anytime soon, unfortunately. The whole world event thing is a gimmic intented to get people to play the game more often. The world events came around right when pokemongo was released (3 days after, if I remember correctly). Ludia is trying the retain players by setting communial goals. If the goal is knowingly set too high, people keep playing hoping to reach that goal. World events were never designed for players, they were designed for Ludia. The VIP program is no different. In Ludias eyes, it guarantees them that you'll keep coming back to the game for the life of the membership. What gets me is how blatently obvious it is that these things are rigged. I mean, do they really think somebody isn't going to notice that their high score is less than half of the high score ACTUALLY obtained. I can fully understand the marketing ploy we know as world events. It's buisness and the world of mobile apps, ESPECIALLY gaming, it is a ruthless cutthroat world. Ludia has a very real competitior with pokemongo and they saw it coming so they took action to help retain their existing fanbase, which is understandable. But to tamper with players high scores is completely unnecessary. That is what really pisses me off.

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