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Super Rare Plus Pack

So as many of you already know, there is a 'super rare plus' card pack available for purchase in the market that has the potential to give limited edition 'tournament' creatures. Furthermore, a couple of these creatures are brand new, a few more were leaked at one time or another (like yutyrannus) but never actually released until now and the remainder are re-releases of creatures previously seen in tournaments...

So why are we seeing these in the super rare plus pack? I don't know, but if I had to guess it's part of a continuing effort by Ludia to keep players involved in the game. It could just be a marketing thing too, an attempt to intice people to purchase the card pack. Regardless of what Ludia's reasoning is, one thing is fact. Anybody that has the game 'hacked' is spamming the hell out of this card pack.

Unfortunately for legitimate players who are thinking of buying this card pack with the hope of getting a tournament creature, old or new, I would NOT recommend purchasing this card pack. The odds are against you. Chances are you'd get a super rare or legendary creature that you can in some way otherwise acquire for free. In the off chance you do land a tournament creature, odds are it'll be an old one. After spamming the card pack over 500 times, I assure you that obtaining one of the brand new creatures is highly unlikely.

So for it's cost, at best you'll get a single new limited edition creature that DOES NOT UNLOCK in the marketplace. So you can get to level 10 with it. Theres no way I'd ever spend what they are asking for just to get a low probability chance of getting one of these new creatures that I could only get to level 10. Very much like everything else in the game, it's  an overpriced "product" that won't yeild anything you had hoped your hard earned money would get you. 

That all being said, in terms of value in comparison to a traditional legendary card pack... the super rare plus pack costs less and you do get pretty much a 50/50 chance of getting a random legendary creature. Whether or not that's worth it to you is your call. 

The creatures

By my count, there are 69 different creatures in this pack. 26 super rare and 43 legendary. 21 of those 43 legendary are limited edition creatures. If your wondering why I said you get about a 50/50 chance of getting a legendary... yet there are more legendaries than super rare. One word... probability. Ludia has set it up so that certian creatures/cards have a higher probability of being in the card pack than others. 

Here's a list of limited editions seen in the pack:

Brand new to the game:



Creatures never before officially released but were previously leaked:





New to Android (released previously only for iOS)


















mosasaurus tournament Antarctopelta Megalosaurus Troodon Ceratosaurus Deinocheirus Gorgosaurus pachyrhinosaurus kentrosaurus archelon secodontosaurus Super rare plus super rare plus pack limited limited edition new umoonasaurus darwinopterus edestus yutyrannus zalmoxes metriacanthosaurus segnosaurus einiosaurus erlikosaurus bananogmius

Comments (4)

  • 1. Caio | 01/18/2017
Yep, like I said before and you corroborate, it's very unlikely to get a special creature, the odds are lower and there are too many creatures (super rare and regular legends)... It's nothing like that Special pack than contained only the special legends...

I insist, like I've said many times in the Facebook page, that a legendary pack should cost U$ 1, maybe U$ 2 max... Who pays U$ 50 for a pack that you can get many times for free and that won't really add much to their games? Anyway, that's why I've never spent a cent on this game and never will. Even the U$ 10 VIP membership is way too overpriced for me, I could easily pay it but I think it's too much for a single month membership for a phone game... I would pay if it was U$ 10 a year, because U$ 120, gosh, I could buy 2 full console games for this money!
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 01/18/2017
I agree.
.Tylor Ferreira
  • 2. .Tylor Ferreira | 01/17/2017
thank you for the information!
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 01/17/2017
You're welcome!

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