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Solid Gold Probability

Aquatic? Land? Which type of creature are you more likely to get when you use your loyalty points to get a solid gold card pack? Many say you're more likely to get an aquatic creature. The goal is to get a data set of 500 card packs opened so we can determine what, if anything, you're most likely to see in the solid gold card pack.


DATA COLLECTION IN PROGRESS If you open any solid gold packs, please leave a comment and let me know what is in them... even if you open just 1 card pack. I will update the chart periodically.

Goal Reached! Thank you to every body that helped! 

So... 8 creatures total. 4 aquatic, 4 land. What are you most likely to get? The answer is a coin toss. Odds are as follows:

Creature Name # of Creatures # of Card Packs Opened Overall Probability
Apatosaurus 63 500 12.6%
Mastodonsaurus 49 500 9.8%
Prestosuchus 70 500 14%
Tanycolagreus 63 500 12.6%

Land (Overall)




Creature Name # of Creatures # of Card Packs Opened Overall Probability
Hainosaurus 67 500 13.4%
Henodus 61 500 12.2%
Orthacanthus 58 500 11.6%
Tylosaurus 69 500 13.8%

Aquatic (Overall)




VIP aquatic Prestosuchus Tanycolagreus Tylosaurus henodus mastodonsaurus apatosaurus Orthacanthus solid gold card pack probability odds land hainosaurus

Comments (15)

  • 1. JWTGfan | 05/17/2017
I've got Orthacanthus and Hainosaurus
  • 2. polishplayer | 05/03/2017
3 orthocanthus
  • 3. Caio | 05/03/2017
Great job! Interesting post. I was thinking perhaps you could do one about the probabilities of prizes from the wheel in online battles. Because I seem to get only crap.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 05/05/2017
That's a good idea. That being said, I doubt you'll be seeing that anytime soon though. Right now I'm barely able to keep up everything I have going on, so doing another probabilities survey would be pretty low on my 'to do' list.
  • 4. JWplayer2 | 04/20/2017
1 apatosaurus
1 prestosuchus
1 Mastodonsaurus
1 tanycolagreus

3 orthocanthus
  • 5. Brian | 04/06/2017
4 tylosaurus
1 apatosaurus
3 prestosuchus
3 mastodonsaurus
1 tanycolagreus
1 hainosaurus
1 henodus
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 04/06/2017
Thanks Brian!
  • 6. Kelvin | 04/05/2017
3 Hainosaurus
6 Henodus
3 Orthacanthus
7 Tylosaurus
5 Mastodonsaurus
4 Tanycolagreus
3 Apatosaurus
4 Prestosuchus
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 04/05/2017
Perfect, thanks Kelvin!
  • 7. Bob | 04/04/2017
5 Hanosaurus
3 Tylosaurus
3 Orthacanthus
2 Henodus

5 Tanycolagreus
5 Prestosuchus
5 Apatasaurus
1 Mastodonsaurus (today, finally)
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 04/04/2017
Thanks Bob. I will get those added soon :-)
  • 8. Jwplayer | 04/04/2017
Sure. I actually prefer aquatics because I think there will be more aquatic tournaments and because the Cenozoic events have become pretty tough.

The only pattern that I see in my sample is the game seems really reluctant to give me high attack animals in either park. I know there is only one in each, but even so...
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 04/04/2017
As more numbers come in via my reddit post, there is a pattern emerging for sure. It really truly is 100% completely random. Whether you get aquatic or land is completely random, each specific creature within each park appears to be random too. I am noticing that each persons card packs do seem to favor one or the other, but overall it's pretty much a 50/50 split
  • 9. Jwplayer | 04/04/2017
Interesting. Here are my results

6 apatosaurus
3 prestosuchus
8! Mastodonsaurus
6 tanycolagreus

4 Hainosaurus
4 orthocanthus
2 tylosaurus
4 henodus
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 04/04/2017
Thanks for sharing! I'll include those in the chart above. If you open anymore, let me know what you get and I'll add them as well. The larger the sample the more accurate the results will be...

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