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Recent update has a bug

Although update 10 brought some positive changes to the game, it seems to have introduced an unwanted bug as well...

objectives bugWith update 10 came the introduction of a bug to the game. Many people have found that mission objective are not appearing when they should.   As seen in this screenshot taken from a players post o reddit, the second objective is not displayed.  I've had several people ask me about this issue. I advise everybody who is experiencing the issue to report it to Ludia support (unless your park is hacked). The more people that report the issue the quicker a fix will likely be released. 


So... how do you complete the mission without knowing what the objective is? The answer lies just a few clicks away! Jurassic World Stats has had a missions archive for some time now, and it is 100% complete. It has literally every mission in every episode! If you're unfamiliar with the archive, it's easy to use. Take the mission seen in the picture, titled "getting through". On th missions archive homepage, you'll see a search box. Simply enter the mission title into the search box exactly as you see it in the game (english version). Pretty simple.

A note to users who's game is in a language other than english:

If you're game is in a language other than english, there are still a few options. Obviously you can translate the mission title. However, translating often leads to minor differences in wording that may lead to a failed search for the mission title. If this is the case you can do one of the following. 1) Change your devices language setting to english, then get the mission title from the game or 2) Refer to the list of mission titles (linked below) and look for your mission title manually. 


Missions Archive Homepage          List of mission titles

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Comments (2)

Paul McGinnis
  • 1. Paul McGinnis | 05/30/2017
Is this problem fixed by 10.13.14 or before? Though other differences from the Archive have appeared I have not encountered this issue since the 10.13 release. Since then I have gone from chapter 42 to 48.

Thank you
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 05/30/2017
A patch was released a few days after this post and the bug mentioned above is now fixed

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