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To build or not to build... Part 2

Setting Up Your Park - Part 2: Dinosaur Enclosures

It is now time for part 2 of the park setup series. In part 2 we'll focus more on dinosaur enclosures. How and where you place them is obviously up to you. But there are a few things you can do to maximize on what you have. Just as in part 1, this will be about park productivity for the purpose of completing missions easier and quicker. There are many, many more of those pesky 'collect ### of coins from BUILDING TYPE...'  missions than there are for dinosaurs. But there are a few missions requiring the collection of large numbers of coins from dinos and some are even more specific to herbivores, amphibians etc. 

Dinos blog 1

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About hourly income...

Before we get into dino placement ideas and decorating around them, when it comes to dinos & coin productivity, which dinos to focus your decorations around can have a big impact on coins produced. It's best NOT to look at a dinos hourly coin production, but instead look first at how often you visit your park and collect from everything. Somebody that does this twice a day should focus more on dinos that produce income for 8 - 10 hours or more. Somebody that collects 6 or 8 times per day has more options for decorating in this regard. In a perfect world, your park would never stop producing coins (and there wouldn't be a 99,999,999 coin cap, *clears throat* Ludia). This isn't the case, so if you can only collect from your park twice a day so it only makes sense to decorate more around creatures that produce coins for the entire time between the times you collect. Why decorate and increase the bonus on creatures that only produce coins for 3 or 4 hours if you only collect once every 12 hours? See where I am going with this?

Dino placement ideas

So, your rearranging and redecorating (again) and you arn't sure how you want to place your dinos. Should you group the vast majority of them and place only the decorations that will max the bonus on just a few dinos. Maybe you should decorate more of them and get a consistent bonus across your collection of higher paying creatures. Again, the choice is yours and just like with buildings, you are better off if you throw park aesthetics out the window. Generally speaking, it's probably best if you toss all your commons (and maybe your rares too) into the corner somewhere and don't even worry about decorating around them. 

When placing your dinos, one option would be to take just a few of your top dollar dinos and focus all your decorating around just them. This leads to a very high decorations bonus that, with the proper decorations, can be well over a 500% bonus. The problem with this is that it takes a lot of real estate, so you're limited to how many creatures you can do this with.

Decorations example

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Another option is to place rows of higher paying dinos with rows of decorations between them. You'll get a lesser decoration bonus than the first option would give you but instead you'll get a bonus across numerous creatures. This works better for when you get missions that ask you to have 30 dinos with a bonus of 30% or higher (or something similar). There is, of coarse, the option the decorate purely for park aesthetics. Just like with buildings, a park built for aesthetics is a park that will eventually stall your forward progress in the storyline.

Dinos blog 1

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Dinos blog 2

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Miscellaneous tips

All things considered, I have found that a park that has 60% of its space dedicated to buildings/decorations and 40% of its space dedicated to dino enclosures/decorations seems to work best. It allows for a considerable number of buildings to be built while still leaving a useable amount of space for your dinos. It gives you a well rounded park that is well prepaired for most missions (but not all). 


One useful, yet tedious tip that some people may not know, is that you can move dinos (and buildings, for that matter) BEFORE collecting from them. Meaning you can move a dino to a location where it has a big decoration bonus, collect from it, move it away, then do this process again with a different dino. This is a tedious and time consuming way increase your parks coin output, but it works and it can be very profitable.

Final thoughts...

Decorating your park is half the fun in the game, in my opinion. It is what makes each individual persons park unique and original, no 2 exactly the same. What you choose to do with your park will dictate your ability to complete later episodes in a timely manner. But that shouldn't stop you from decorating your park exactly how you want. All I have shared with you in both parts 1 & 2 of this post is a few different ideas for decorating. Personally, my parks remain the same very seldomly. I am constantly moving stuff around and sometimes I have absolutely no reason for it... except just for fun. My best suggestion to you is to have fun decorating your park. That, after all, is why we play this or any other game. Right?

Happy Building!


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