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Omega 09 Update

Well, it's finally here. The Omega 09 update has arrived and it's the biggest update the game has ever seen. Here's a quick breakdown of the update:


  • The level cap has increased to 75
  • 5 additional battle stages to complete
  • 5 more episodes in the storyline
  • 4 new hybrid creatures can be created
  • 1 new pterosaur
  • 1 new aquatic creature
  • Addition of an aquatic live battle arena
  • New VIP membership program and a VIP creature (pterodactylus) available only to VIP members
  • Draft Battles
  • New battle arena 
  • The Omega 09 world event challenge
  • Hybrid enclosures in you park now have a purple highlight around them,  making it easier to identify any hyrids in your park
  • New structures (some are VIP exclusives, some are not) 

‚ÄčAll things considered, the update brings mixed results. With the exception of the VIP program, I don't think the update is that bad. It's not great, but not bad. The new aquatic battle arena seems to lag a bit and I have also noticed that on average, it is taking noticably more attempts to evolve creatures. The draft battles are different, which is good for the game. It gives players a new way to play the game, plus it adds a bit of a "wildcard" effect to the battle arena while at the same time helps players perfect their strategies. The Omega 09 event is kinda lame in my opinion, but it does bring the community style event back to the game. This is similar to those that we had many many months ago where the entire Jurassic World community earns a reward based on how many combined T-Rex's they kill over a specified time period. People have been asking for those style events to come back and in a way, Ludia delivered. They also delivered on the players requests for an aquatic live battle arena. It's the VIP, program that has negative reactions from the players (and rightfully so). That'll be a seperate post though. Feel free to comment your thoughts on this update



The following VIP creatures appear to have been leaked accidentally by Ludia. 4 for the main park and 4 aquatics.











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