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VIP then and now

Ludia has again made a few changes to the VIP program. With so many changes to the program since it was first introduced, I thought I'd post a full rundown of the VIP membership. What it costs, what you get and what the benefits are. Just for grins, we'll do a side by side comparison... VIP today vs VIP when it was introduced.

VIP program then....

Blue zig zags 1VIP program now (player = win)...

So, it's been almost exactly 3 months since Ludia introduced the VIP program. Generally speaking, the community didn't like anything about the program and they voiced that to Ludia. Since that time, the program has improved by leaps and bounds. Fact is, Ludia has re-evaluated the entire program and has made the changes needed, which from the players perspective means a VIP program that is worth its cost and actually has benefits worthy of the VIP label. Let's take a look at what has changed...

The VIP program today...

Membership purchase price: $30 USD

Included with purchase:

  • 3 month membership
  • 1 "Solid Gold Pack", which includes 1 random VIP dino
  • VIP exclusive battle events, prize =  legendary card pack (non-VIP) 

VIP Marketplace:

  • VIP creatures are released one week at a time, with a different creature each week.
  • Purchase price is 10,000 vip points and once purchased, that creature unlocks in the market, allowing you to purchase them directly. Again the cost is 10,000 VIP points 
  • Any VIP creature that you have NOT yet unlocked can still be purchased via the Solid Gold card park. The VIP creature in the card pack is selected at random and the cost is 5000 VIP points.
  • EDIT: After just 4 days, Ludia has again locked VIP creatures in the market. So they no longer unlock in the market after initial purchase. The only VIP creature that unlocks in the market is the one that is currently released. Any other VIP creature will not be unlocked in the market even if you previously purchased it. So your only hope of getting a VIP creature that is not currently on release is via the random solid gold pack.
  • VIP members also have access to exclusive buildings and decorations

Other VIP program improvements:

  • The entry fee (vip points) to VIP exclusive battle events has been reduced
  • Vip point earnings for all battles/card packs have increased
  • The rate of coin production for most VIP exclusive buildings has been doubled
  • The decoration bonuses for all VIP exclusive decorations has been doubled



Vip now


...vs 3 months ago

Membership purchase price: $50 USD

Included with purchsse:

  • 3 month membership
  • 1 legendary card pack (non-VIP)
  • VIP exclusive battle events, prize = legendary card pack (non-VIP)

VIP Marketplace:

  • VIP creatures are released one week at a time, with a different creature each week.
  • Purchase  price is 30,000 vip points
  • Regardless if a VIP creature has been purchased or not, VIP creatures do NOT unlock in the market
  • VIP members have access to exclusive VIP buildings and decorations


  • All improvements seen in the column on the left were not yet implemented. So pretty much vip point earnings for battles/card packs were smaller and the entry fee (vip points) for VIP exclusive battles were higher




update membership in app purchase VIP Ludia market marketplace unlock vip points

Comments (2)

  • 1. Casey | 09/30/2016
I'm not seeing where the VIP Dino's are unlocking in the market. Is this accurate or am I missing something?
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 10/01/2016
Hey Casey, I saw your post about this on reddit and answered your question there. If you still can't figure it out, let me know :-) [url][/url] EDIT: VIP creatures no longer unlock in the market, so that feature lasted a whole 4 days :-(

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