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Big change for JW Stats website

I regret to inform that I am unable to update or maintain JW Stats any further...

Hello all. First of all I want to thank everybody for the success that JW Stats has experienced as a website. JW Stats has become a well known and popular help site for a large number of JWTG players. As the sole operator of JW Stats, it has been a hell of a lot fun both serving and helping the JW Stats community. I have learned a lot about web coding and I have interacted with people from all corners of the earth. Every person that visits and uses JW Stats is just as much a part of this website as I am. Without you, JW Stats would have never grown into the successful website it has become. So to the entire JWTG community...  Thank You


With that being said, I regret to inform you that effective immediately, I am unable to update or maintain the website any further. I will also no longer be a voice in the community nor do I plan to return. The website will remain online for all to use, however all future JW Stats activity will cease unless a new JW Stats webmaster can be found. 


Why am I leaving?

I am leaving for a few reasons. The first reason is that I am working to start up my own buisness. This is where my time and efforts need to be focused and it leaves me with very little spare time. Furthermore, my initial goal when I created JW Stats has been reached. I wanted learn about html and other coding for websites, which I have done. Lastly, I have played the game very little in the past year. I have played only enough to keep the website updated and have little interest in playing the game any further. 


Will I be returning?

No, I do not plan to return.


What does this mean for the website?

The website will remain online. However, absolutely no updates or maintenance will be done on the site unless a new webmaster can be found. Commenting has also been turned off site wide.


Where else can JWTG information be found?

Battle Calculator and the Jurassic World game wiki also have useful JWTG info.


What if new creatures are added and I need stats for them?

Stats for any creatures added in the future will not be added to the site unless a new management can be found.


If you have any questions or comments regarding any of this, please post them to this reddit thread





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Jurassic World Stats is not currently recieving updates and is seeking a new webmaster. If you are interested in updating and maintaining this website for the many people that rely on it, please contact me for more details by clicking on the contact link in the top menu. Please enter the word "webmaster" in the subject line.