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Game Update 7

The game has just been updated with new creatures, structures and new cool features....

This update adds lots of new content to the game. Ludia has been busy with this one. Here's a quick rundown of what's new:


  1. Asset Repository - allows you to remove assets from your park without selling them
  2. Trade Harbor - Exchange resourses
  3. Raptor Training Paddock - Train your raptors for battle boosts
  4. 5 new VIP creatures
  5. 1 new pterosaur
  6. 4 new aquatics
  7. 3 new hybrids
  8. 3 new buildings
  9. 3 new decorations

That's what I see at first glance, there may be other changes. Unfortunately I'm quite busy the next few days so I will be unable play with the new features or get stats posted for the new creatures. I will as soon as I'm able though. 

DNA VIP structures aquatic Ludia dino bucks market marketplace buildings decorations park coins update 7

Comments (6)

  • 1. Caer | 10/22/2016
Draft battles always starts at wednesdays and ends at wednesday. But I don't remember at which hour. It's something at 2 or 4 o'clock.
  • 2. Oratoruuq | 10/21/2016
Also can you guys put the draft battle timer on the top of the website if you know
  • 3. Oratoruuq | 10/21/2016
Do you know when the draft battle ends?
  • 4. Bob | 10/21/2016
The new updates are not great. As mentioned above, the prize wheel on the live arenas is CRAP. 1200 coins.... worth less than nothing. Not even worth 1 dino buck, much less 5 with a bonus for winning. 900 food, come on. 25 DNA???? Does that even upgrade a common to level 11? Supposedly the boosted arena has better prizes. It doesn't and those battles are mostly going to reward people with better cards, not with any sort of skill. Yet another pay to play feature. The loss of live arena is a major blow because the only way to get DNA now is to pay for it (again.... but I'm not going to) by buying packs or wait for pack opportunities. At that rate you can build one hybrid a month.

Also as mentioned above, the repository does not hold buildings or decorations. What the heck is the point? I'd rather have that square to expand the park to.

The trade harbor sounded like a good idea in theory but it's pretty terrible. If you have a card (dino) in your inventory, they keep asking if you want to trade it. No, I do not want a quarter of the DNA it is worth or a few thousand food for it. That's a terrible deal. Someone on facebook was overjoyed they traded a dino for millions of coins..... Worst trade ever. Coins are worthless and the game seems to think that's the #1 thing we want to trade for. I was hoping this would be an opportunity to get anything for the darn things as I've been at 99,999,999 for too long. The only opportunities I've seen for DNA have been total rip-offs. Apparently Ludia thinks 1 dino buck is roughly equivalent to 1 DNA strand..... So $50 is enough to buy you enough DNA for one legendary dino, and is also the price of a legendary pack coincidentally. Also, they keep trying to sell dinos for the same DNA it would cost to buy them normally and buildings for coins. All of these functions were already available. They're just convincing people it's a limited time opportunity.

The loss of the live arena is the biggest issue. With no need to collect coins and nothing to play, there's far less reason to check into the app.
  • 5. Caio | 10/20/2016
Good luck with your stuff! When you're back, maybe this might help you. Posted on the JW Facebook page by me.

(FIRST POST) The trade market is a big scam. We get offered stuff like get a dino for DNA, for their ACTUAL price (not even a lower price than normal), what's the point? And having to pay bucks for each trade, ridiculous... It's useless.

The raptor training thing is kinda cool, so cheers to that, OK.

The storage thing is fine, although I don't like to store my creatures, we should be able to store buildings and decorations. And we should get a bigger park. I see there's many new decorations and buildings, they look cool, too bad I won't be able to buy ANY of them because I'm already selling stuff to make room for the new dinos.

The new dinos BTW... They are pretty cool. That's the most important thing in the game. So that was a good thing. Although normal, wouldn't need a huge update if it was just for them.

So bottom line: new dinos are great, like always. The rest... Well, the rest is OK, not bad, but I could perfectly go without all that. Just the raptors training is worth using.

(SECOND POST) BTW, the most needed thing didn't come, which is a bigger park. As I said in another post:

"I love the new buildings and decorations! Too bad I can't buy a single one of them, because my park is already overcrowded, and I would never put any of my dinos to storage to replace it for a stupid building. C'mon, it's Jurassic World, not SimCity!"

A better aquatic park (similar to JPB) would also be better than any of the new stuff.

And the prize wheel for Live Arena, which I already wasn't playing anymore because the prizes were too cheap, now they got DECREASED to under 20% of the previous ones! 140 DNA became 25 DNA and so on. Yesterday I played once to test, and got ridiculous 900 food, which is less than 0.001% of what I already own. I'm NEVER playing it again.
  • 6. Caer | 10/19/2016
Thanks for all your work. And take some time. :)

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