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DNA Production Facility - Truth Revealed

So I finally did a teardown of the new DNA Production Facility. How much is it capable of producting? How many levels of production are there? What about the progress counter? How long until it is at maximum production? I have all the answers and all the numbers... and I suggest that you be sitting down for this one...

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VIP dinos & the market

4 days following the change to the VIP program that unlocks VIP dinos in market after the initial creature purchase, Ludia reverses the change. So, one of the most needed changes to the program is now no longer effective, meaning when you purchase a VIP dino, it will NOT unlock in the market. The ONLY vip dino unlocked in the market is which ever one is currently on release. Trying to purchase any VIP creature not currently on release will result in a solid gold pack being offered to you. 

VIP dinos not unlocking in the market was one of the biggest downfalls of the VIP program. For 4 short days this problem was resolved, but it seems that may have been a goof on Ludia's part. Maybe they changed their mind after the change was implemented or maybe somebody at Ludia legitmately made a mistake and the change was never supposed to happen in the first place. Regardless what the reason is, the VIP programs biggest downfall has returned.

The only thing I can think of to say to Ludia is this...

This is the second time I've used the above graphic in response to something Ludia has managed to screw up.... so obviously somebody at Ludia likes the smell up in there. 

VIP then and now

Ludia has again made a few changes to the VIP program. With so many changes to the program since it was first introduced, I thought I'd post a full rundown of the VIP membership. What it costs, what you get and what the benefits are. Just for grins, we'll do a side by side comparison... VIP today vs VIP when it was introduced.

VIP program then....

Blue zig zags 1VIP program now (player = win)...

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VIP Program makeover

The VIP program has just recieved a much needed makeover. Several changes have been made, all of which benefit the player....


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VIP Store Grand Re-Opening

Ludia announces a Grand Re-Opening of the VIP store with lower prices. VIP creatures (or at least the one that is currently available, the Apatosaurus) is now half of its original price. It now costs 15000 VIP points instead of 30000 VIP points. It seems this is Ludias response to the overall negative reaction of players to the VIP program, which was added in the recent Omega 09 update. Maybe they didn't see the number of VIP membership sales that they were expecting and this is an attempt to increase those sales. Regardless what Ludia's reason is, the bottom line is that it is now easier to win the number of VIP points needed to purchase a VIP creature. If you ask me, the Apatosaurus is worth having. It's health is battle is exceptionally strong. You can see all its stats on the Apatosaurus profile page. If you want to take advantage of the Apatosaurus' new lower price, you had better act fast because at the time of this post, it's only available for another 1 day and 14 hours. Kudos to Ludia on the price reduction. 

Evolve your game 1

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