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DNA Production Facility - Truth Revealed

So I finally did a teardown of the new DNA Production Facility. How much is it capable of producting? How many levels of production are there? What about the progress counter? How long until it is at maximum production? I have all the answers and all the numbers... and I suggest that you be sitting down for this one...

Before I spill the proverbial beans, let me first say this. In my previous blog post titled 'update 8', I stated my opinion about the update. In a nutshell, I said that the update was a likely a desperate attempt by Ludia to stop a sharp drop in number of players they were experiencing following update 7. Everything about the update screamed "we need marketing! We need it now!". The DNA factory fits right in with my thoughts on the rest of update 8. Why? Simply put... it's marketing. Hook, line & sinker.

I know... you want me to quit beating around the bush. Just spill it already. The truth about the new "VIP exclusive" DNA production facility is that it's a joke. Ludia clearly advertises that the faciliy produces "up to 2000 dna per day", which in itself is true. BUT, have you ever heard the term "the devil is in the details"? THIS is a PERFECT example of that term.

  1. Truth #1 (are you sitting? i suggest that you sit for this): Each activation is 12 hours in duration. To achieve maximum DNA production, the facility will first need to be activated 725 times. No, that is not a typo. It actually says 725 times.... at 12 hours each
  2. Truth #2 (again... you'll want to be sitting for this): So if you do math, it will take an absolute BARE MINIMUM of 1 full year before the facility produces 2000 dna/day. Realistically, when we factor in the "human element", it'll actually take 3 - 6 months more than that. 
  3. Truth #3: In reality, this means you would need to purchase VIP membership not once, not twice, not even 5 times. You would need to purchase it 12 times... or more. Once per month.

If you want to see the DNA facilities complete numbers breakdown for all of its 12 levels, look at this page.

membership DNA VIP Update 8 dna production facility

Comments (11)

  • 1. Caio | 01/18/2017
Just opened another 360 packs (this time I counted!). Took me about 2 hours. All I got was: 2 Zalmoxes, 4 Yutirannus, 1 Erlikosaurus, 2 Segnosaurus, 1 Metriacanthosaurus, 1 Einiosaurus, 1 Kentrosaurus. So this is 12 dinos, 1 every 30 packs.

I'm counting just the ones I didn't already own, so the 7 new ones plus the 2 (previously) iOS exclusives and Bananogmius (which I didn't get from the tournament). Got lots of other specials (Troodon, Mosa, Deino, Gorgo etc. - not really "lots", but about proportionally the same amount as the new ones, maybe slightly more)...

Was able to hack 5 out of those 10, so I'm missing only 5 now. Didn't get a single Bananogmius or Umoonasaurus so far (including the about 200 I opened the other day, so about 600 packs so far an not a single one of those). That's a U$ 15.000 value, just to get about 20 unreleased dinos (some repeated)... That shows how it is really not worth to spend any real money on this game...
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 01/19/2017
1 in 30 is about what I was getting too. Pretty low odds, unfortunately. I got plenty of banaogmius and a few umoons. Every time I've tried to hack the umoons the game crashes and it doesn't stick :-/ oh well, I'll get enough to max it eventually, the pack is available for a few more days...
  • 2. Caio | 01/18/2017
Well, I get it about the food charts, I didn't really know they were changing, and yes, I can imagine it would be very time consuming.

I can send you the screenshots of einiosaurus and segnosaurus if I get them, which I still didn't. I might give it a new try tonight if I have time. As you know, I can only do it in my house, using my PC, so let's see if I get some spare time to do it. I don't know if it's because I hacked it or if the rewards are so much lower (probably both, but more the second), I'm not playing the game very much lately. Most stuff got worthless, even without hacking, for example, raptor training doesn't give good packs anymore, and the good cards (+-3 or +-4) are becoming so hard to get (good thing I hacked them), so I haven't played it, online battles are a joke and even boosted battles are usually more expensive to play then the prize we get, like sometimes I spend 4 good cards and get as reward just 1 "so so" card, so I'm actually paying to play, being better off just NOT playing it... Trade harbor is also been a joke (probably would be still OK if I didn't already have several cards of each hybrid), so there's pretty much nothing left for me to do in the game, except login, collect free mystery pack (just out of habit because I don't really need them), activate food production and that's about it (and of course, the new dinos when they are released)... I've played more with my guest account, which is only on my iOS device (non-hacked)... And even at this I'm getting kinda sick of it, having to go again through all those "collect one trillion coins from security office" missions...
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 01/18/2017
Don't worry about the screenshots. I set up an auto-clicker and let it go for a few hours so I ended up getting the ones I needed. I don't play much anymore myself. Just enough to keep the site up to date.
  • 3. Caio | 01/17/2017
Hi again! A question: I'm pretty sure the stats page for each creature used to have a "food chart" where we could see how much food was need for each evolution. Was it removed?
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 01/17/2017
Hey Caio Yes, I did see that and regardless what Ludia's motives are, it's good to see things like yutyrannus and metriacanthosaurus FINALLY being introduced to the game (not just leaked). I've opened close to 500 packs and still need 1 segnosaurus, 2 einiosaurus & 1 umoonasaurus before I can 'hack' them. The rest I got enough of to successfully 'hack'.I got all the level 40 stats posted for them yesterday, but I do appreciate your posting them here. Maybe I could convince you to send me screenshots of einiosaurus and segnosaurus at levels 20, 30 & 40 so I can complete their profile pages ;-) As for VIP, they patched something in update 8 that is doing that (likely because vip was being hacked by too many people). It's the same for me and others as well. I can get/keep VIP as long as it's on the same device it was "purchased" on (with lucky patcher). I don't know a way around this, unfortunately. I removed the food charts a few months ago because Ludia kept changing the food requirements for ALL super rare and legendaries (including hybrids, vips and limited 'tournament' creatures). The food charts were actually a very time consuming endevour. From data-collection (leveling a creature from 1 - 40 while recording the food requirements for each individual level) then inputing the data into an excel spreadsheet then posting it on the website, each creature takes a minimum of 45 min - 1 hr. With Ludia changing the food requirements as often as they do and with the number of super rares & legendaries in the game, I just couldn't keep up so I just removed them entirely. That's why you don't see them anymore.
  • 4. Caio | 01/17/2017
Hey buildersaurus_rex! What's up?

Did you see there's now a "Super-Rare Plus" pack which includes several of the unreleased "tournament" dinos (I use "" because we can't even know for sure if they'll be tournament, but anyway they're those creatures stronger than regular legendaries)? It might be worth a new blog post. IMO it's just another marketing ploy... It costs 30 dollars, I think, and yesterday I opened about 200 packs (maybe even more, I didn't really count) using my "modified" account and got only 6 of such creatures, most were just regular SR and legendary creatures (plus small amounts of resources). For 2 of them I got a double so I was able to hack them into a bigger number (128). The others are useless since I can't get more than a level 10...

Here are the stats I was able to get, if you want to add them to the site. I can send you the screenshots but only later, but you can trust those numbers (H=herbivore etc.; the numbers are health-attack-coins/period; the OKs are the ones I was able to hack; the first 6 were the ones I did get yesterday):

Einiosaurus H 3749-444-196993/10h
Erlikosaurus H 3218-670-290304/18h
Metriacanthosaurus C OK 1436-1347-161280/5h
Segnosaurus H 2011-1167-299520/17h
Pachyrhinosaurus H OK 2586-808-228096/13h
Zalmoxes H 1341-1257-204288/10h

Yutirannus C
Umonasaurus R
Kentrosaurus H 2298-718-221184/15h
Bananogmius S 1724-1616-290304/12h

BTW I'm not able to be VIP anymore... I used Lucky Patcher on my Bluestacks, selecting "save purchase for restore" (otherwise it wouldn't even work), now I can be VIP on Bluestacks, but when I use my iOS devices it says my VIP membership has expired... Would you happen to know a solution for that?
  • 5. Caio | 12/22/2016
Oh, and they also made some dinos unavailable, which previously weren't (such as Pterodactyl and Pterodaustro), and when they DO become available, they are now 5 times the previous price...

Is there any way to DOWNGRADE my game to the previous version???
Caio Orsolini
  • 6. Caio Orsolini | 12/22/2016
I totally agree. And there's one more thing: the "VIP Mystery" pack is also a huge scam. Has anyone ever got anything better than a rare dino? In fact, at least for me, it's been WORSE than the "regular" Mystery pack... I mostly only get a few food and coins. At least the DNA facility does give you some DNA, even if it will take over a year to reach full capacity, but this VIP pack is a cheap trick from Ludia to give us LESS stuff then they used to...

The trade harbour is getting worse, there's a dino cap of 99, so I can't have all my dinos in the park at once, they took away half the VIP points from everybody who was already VIP (by doubling all prices like you pointed)... So, except for the new dinos (which are ALWAYS welcome), almost everything about this update made the game WORSE, at least for the VIP players. We simply got SCREWED by Ludia.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 12/23/2016
Yeah, the VIP mystery pack is just another marketing ploy. I have seen 1 rare and maybe 2 commons, then just small amounts of resources. You're right, the VIP mystery pack does seem worse. This update was indeed a big move in the wrong direction for VIPs. Everything VIP members paid for has either been given away for free to non-VIPs or made generally unavailable. You can find & download older versions of the game, but you'll be forced to update the game as soon as you open it.
  • 7. Caer | 12/19/2016
Good job with this. Now i'm more glad of being non-vip. :) It's of course shameful politics of ludia.

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