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BacklogBacklogAs of November 2016, this release log will no longer be maintained or updated.

This post will be a continuously updated log of limited release creatures. This includes tournament, VIP & aquatic creatures. Although this log can not tell you when any particular creature will be released again, you can see when a creature was last released and then perhaps have a better idea when it might be released again.


  • The newest releases appear at the bottom of each chart
  • All entries below for creatures released prior to August 13, 2016 (the day of this post) should be fairly accurate, but they do have the possiblity of containing errors and some releases may be missing from the log altogether. Entries for creatures released after August 13, 2016 are 100% accurate.

Limited Edition Tournament Creatures

Creature Release Month/Year Notes
Mosasaurus October 2015 Re-released July 2016, 1st creature to be re-released
Antarctopelta November 2015
Megalosaurus December 2015
Troodon January 2016
Ceratosaurus February 2016
Deinocheirus March 2016
Gorgosaurus April 2016
Kentrosaurus April 2016 iOS Only. Apple, Ludia & WWF "Apps for Earth" campaign
Pachyrhinosaurus April 2016 iOS Only. Apple, Ludia & WWF "Apps for Earth" campaign
Archelon May 2016
Secodontosaurus June 2016
Mosasaurus July 2016 1st creature to be released a 2nd time
Edestus September 2016
Darwinopterus November 2016

What Lies Beneath

Aquatic Creature Release Date
Leptocleidus December 15, 2015
Megalodon December 21, 2015
Styxosaurus January 6, 2016
Dunkleosteus January 13, 2016
Ammonite January 21, 2016
Dakosaurus February 1, 2016
Kronosaurus February 9, 2016
Prognathodon February 16, 2016
Psephoderma March 7, 2016
Xiphactinus March 21, 2016
Plesiosaurus March 29, 2016
Trinacromerum April 4, 2016
Liopleurodon April 25, 2016
Helicoprion May 20, 2016
Baculites June 13, 2016
Mauisaurus June 20, 2016
Geosaurus July 12, 2016
Liopleurodon August 15, 2016
Mauisaurus August 22, 2016
Pliosaurus August 29, 2016
Styxosaurus September 7, 2016
Psephoderma September 12, 2016
Ammonite September 19, 2016
Xiphactinus September 26, 2016
Geosaurus October 4, 2016
Elasmosaurus October 24, 2016
Plesiosaurus October 31, 2016
Dakosaurus November 7, 2016
Kronosaurus November 14, 2016
Protostega November 21, 2016
Helicoprion November 28, 2016


VIP Creature Release Date
Pterodactylus June 30, 2016
Prestosuchus July 8, 2016
Tanycolagreus July 15, 2016
Apatosaurus July 22, 2016
Mastodonsaurus July 29, 2016
Tylosaurus August 5, 2016
Henodus August 12, 2016
Orthacanthus August 19, 2016
Hainosaurus August 26, 2016
Pterodactylus September 2, 2016
Prestosuchus September 9, 2016
Tanycolagreus September 16, 2016
Apatosaurus September 23, 2016
Prestosuchus September 30, 2016
Mastodonsaurus October 7, 2016
Henodus October 14, 2016
Orthacanthus October 21, 2016
Hainosaurus October 28, 2016
Pterodactylus November 4, 2016
Tylosaurus November 11, 2016
Tanycolagreus November 18, 2016
Apatosaurus November 25, 2016

pterodactylus aquatic mosasaurus unlock VIP creatures release day date tournament creatures Antarctopelta Megalosaurus Troodon megalodon styxosaurus Ceratosaurus Deinocheirus Gorgosaurus pachyrhinosaurus kentrosaurus archelon secodontosaurus ammonite dunkleosteus leptocleidus psephoderma kronosaurus Baculites Dakosaurus prognathodon Mauisaurus Helicoprion Geosaurus Liopleurodon pliosaurus Plesiosaurus Trinacromerum Xiphactinus Prestosuchus Tanycolagreus Tylosaurus henodus mastodonsaurus apatosaurus log records Orthacanthus elasmosaurus

Comments (6)

  • 1. Monica | 09/16/2016
With this Friday's re-release of the Tanycolagreus, it appears that Ludia is really starting to listen to players and improve the VIP program. The price got cut down to 10,000 VIP coins from 15,000 for a VIP creature. It's not a price cut by half like you suggested in a past comment, but it's still a significant price reduction. And it's even more significant when you remember that it used to cost 30,000 VIP coins for a single VIP creature.

Additionally, the cost to enter each round of the special VIP events has also been greatly reduced. For this week's VIP event, it only cost 10 VIP coins to enter per round, down from 50 (after they cut the cost down from 100 VIP coins per round). Obviously, this lets you net a greater profit in VIP coins from winning the legendary pack in the VIP event. Which is always a good thing.

I'm not sure where Ludia is going to take things with the VIP program from here. But based on what I previously said, on top of the fact that they brought back legendary pack events for non-VIP members, it really does seem that they're beginning to listen.
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 09/16/2016
Coincidently, I was writing a new blog post on this subject (the VIP program) when you left this comment. When it really comes down to it, Ludia always has listened to the players to a certian extent. That's going all the way back to the very early days of Jurassic Park Builder. They may not answer to all of the players demands simply because they do have to maintain a profitable buisness. But they always have listened. It just takes time because these types of changes can't be made overnight. I must give kudos to Ludia for the several changes made to the VIP program. They were very much needed.
  • 2. Mark | 08/29/2016
This question might not be related to the topic but I'll ask anyway.... :)

I'm doing mission 48.7, "Place a newly-hatched Indominus rex", and I don't have that much DNA. It's been a long time since I had to deal with a hybrid dinosaur, does it mean I have to buy and use my DNA for this mission or can I just fuse a T-rex and a Velociraptor?
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 08/29/2016
Hey Mark. To the best of my knowledge, fusing a trex & Velociraptor won't complete the mission. You have to purchase and hatch a new one for a whopping 29k dna. I could be wrong though. Check out these threads on reddit, they may help clarify it more for you.... [url][/url] [url][/url] [url][/url]
  • 3. Monica | 08/17/2016
Thank you for posting this! I'm really happy to have a reference for when the limited creatures were released, so I can guess when they'll be released again.

I do have some questions to ask about obtaining the tournament creatures, though. And I'm asking here, since I don't know where else I can ask this question on your site.

What level do you recommend players should be at before attempting to compete in the tournaments? I'm currently level 33, and my 3 strongest creatures are 2 level 10 T. rex's and a level 10 Pteranodon. Also, do you have and recommendations when it comes to choosing teams in the tournaments, particularly in terms of classes and levels of creatures?

I really do want to get the tournament creatures eventually, so any advice you can give would be very helpful!
  • buildersaurus_rex (link) | 08/17/2016
You are welcome, Monica! Just fyi, I intend to put a perminent link to this post in the blogs side menu so it's easily found. Also just FYI, you are welcome to ask any question on any page that has comments enabled. The comment doesn't necessarily have to pertain to the page. You can also use the 'contact' tab to ask a question directly without it being posted, if you want. It all ends up in the exact same place on my end and I'll always answer it as best I can ;-) As for your questions, it's never too early to start playing tournaments. If you are in it to win the limited tournament creature, be prepared to fight a lot of battles to maintain a position in dominator league. It would also be a good idea to check in on your position regularly as your ranking can fall surprisingly quick, especially towards the end of the tournament. Many people end up spending a fair amount of dino bucks to repeatedly skip the cooldown time on their dinos becasuse it's the only way they can maintain a position in dominator league. Winning a tournament creature legitimately (i.e. without hacking) takes some dedication. Alot of dedication, actually. As for dino level/class, when you 1st enter the tournaments, you opponents will be very low level and easily defeated. As you play more tournament battles, they will scale up in strength and because they are scaled to you, the stronger your dinos are overall, the stronger your most difficult opponents will be. You'll see the same types of opponent teams in tournaments as you would in any other battle, so my only class recommendation would be... varied. But because you do tend see more carnivores in battle, using herbivores less and amphibians more can be benifical. There is no ”best team” for battles, but I generally avoid teams consisting of all the same class (i.e. 3 pterosaurs or 3 carnivores etc). Tournaments are more or less a test of your dedication and your strategy. If you want to see what to expect in tournaments, maybe check out a few of the gaming beavers tournament episodes on youtube. All that being said, my best advice to you would be when the next tournament starts (which we should be seeing one starting soon), just dive in and play. Worst thing that can happen is you don't finish in dominator league and you win a non-tournament creature at the end of the tournnament, which statistically speaking is the case for most people. Again, to actually win a tournament creature takes some serious dedication. So unless you put a TON of time into it, tournament creatures are not entirely easy to get. Hope that helps, Monica. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions

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