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Welcome to Jurassic World Stats. This site is dedicated to bringing you all the JWTG information you could ever want or need as you progress through the game. You'll find not only just stats, but also a complete missions & objectives archive, structures info and much more! Well, what are you waiting for? START CLICKING!

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Looking for stats? Look no further. It's all right here. Regardless what stat you need, you'll find it here! 

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A searchable archive of Jurassic World: The Game missions. Every episode. Every mission



Stay up to date with JW news, game glitches and other great stuff! 

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Jurassic World Stats is not currently recieving updates and is seeking a new webmaster. If you are interested in updating and maintaining this website for the many people that rely on it, please contact me for more details by clicking on the contact link in the top menu. Please enter the word "webmaster" in the subject line.